Monday, March 12, 2018

Revisiting Pastaria Abate

Though I've only been been here a second time, I found it odd that for such a small family run establishment, I've never seen the owners around. Maybe they're shy and hiding in the kitchen but I'm getting the impression that the staff are quite left to their own devices. 

The weekend crowd looked a little forlorn.

Still they did a pretty tasty porcini ravioli (aren't these tortellini?). That brown butter sauce sure made the pasta a whole lot tastier. Great with a few grinds of black pepper.  By the way, that $2 upsize option doesn't apply for this.

Here's their meatball and marinara sauce with angel hair. Not a fan of the sauce. It tasted a little tart like concentrate. I'm sure it was because that reminded me of those jarred pizza sauces I ate too much when I was younger. The meatball was tender and dense, not too tight but I felt would have been nicer if there was a little more fat for flavour.

The last time I ordered chicken in an Italian place was years ago. That was probably the first time and it was amazing. This pollo toscano of theirs was....ordinary for the laziness of a better description. While it wasn't bad, I didn't take to the flavours.

Panna cotta was dense and creamy. It's not the light and wobbly variety and it wasn't too bad with the cherry....erm gastrique? Liked those cherries.

The tiramisu was edible. It's lightweight on the ingredients with a low mascarpone to lady's finger ratio that hadn't gone through what was in my opinion, thorough soaking. No alcohol in this one but I kinda already saw that coming.

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