Friday, May 11, 2018

A couple of chahan from Osaka Ohsho

The last time I ate at Osaka Ohsho was ages ago. I remember there were claims of them being the kings of gyoza (yeah, right) and I had a very vague recollection of their fuwatoro tenshinhan. Fast forward to today, we were intrigued by their chahan because they had been impressed on us by virtue of the number of times we had walked past the shop and seen the menu on display. A psychological residue from repetitive exposure I tell you.

They were okay. Not Gyoza No Osho good nor Din Tai Fung. Definitely not a match with Machida Shoten and Nirai Kanai. We've a couple of local renditions from Ju Hao and Chinatown Special that I think are better as well. Maybe the flavour needs a little more intensity and more eggs would definitely have up the ante. The kuro version below simply included dark soy sauce. Probably not the expensive better quality type I might add. But it was quite edible.

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