Friday, May 25, 2018

More food from Kub Kao' Kub Pla

We came back here because we did enjoy the food from the last time. Not to mention that it was a relatively peaceful and comfortable place to eat.

We tried the yellow curry with crab meat. I'm going to just describe this as an okay dish. I didn't feel that there was anything particularly impressive about the flavours. But I don't really know much about curried crab and the last time I've had something similar was years ago.

Ordered their crab fritters/rolls.

These were not bad. The interior was packed with crab meat. I couldn't help but compare them to those crab nuggets from Chandrphen because of the similarity of their skin. Those from Chandrphen by the way, were much better.

More crab was to be had - this time stir fried with pumpkin and eggs. You can understand how we were crabbed out for this trip. I thought we might have overdone the crab gluttony a little. Anyways, not outstanding because I don't particularly remember the flavour,

What I really enjoyed though was their som tam. This was the regular som tam without the frills which was strangely not on the menu. The lime infused fish sauce concoction was outstandingly refreshing paired with a lot of textural crunch from the vegetables/papaya. Occasional mouthfuls were also infused the aroma from the dried shrimps. I even liked those bitter leaves on the side which I couldn't identify.

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