Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Victor's Kitchen, Chinatown Point

It must have been a decade ago since I last ate at Victor's Kitchen (#B1-33 ChinaTown Point, 133 New Bridge Road, tel : +65 9838 2851) and that was back in the days when there was just one shop at Sunshine Plaza. The memory's hazy and I only recall lots of custard buns.

A number of their items seemed to include cut chillis which I guess is a local thing. Like these braised chicken legs which were pretty flavourful already by themselves though not as "suck off the bone" tender as I was hoping for.

Their har gow wasn't too bad. There was more than just prawns in those dumplings but I'm not sure what. Maybe a little lard for fragrance? The skin was a little thick.

The spinach and prawn dumplings were also pretty tasty. Definitely not as well done as the ones from Tim Ho Wan though.

Char siew stuffed rice rolls were ordinary.

I thought that the fermented black bean pork ribs could have fared better if they were more tender and actually had black bean flavour.

Steamed radish cake was very nice. I was momentarily reminded of those at Wai Kee. I guess the ones here had less radish but also included stuff like dried shrimp for that extra flavour. On top of that, there was also a delicious XO sauce that came on the side if you needed that boost of umami heat.

Siew mai was unfortunately boring. The meat tasted lean and the fillings were packed really dense.

These guys also did a very nice milk tea which was chilled with a bowl of ice so that the drink stays cold and doesn't get diluted. I tasted some strength in the tea which I appreciated even thought it wasn't that aromatic. I'm adding this to my consideration the next time I decide if I want to come back. They definitely get points for this.

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