Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Big & Small Restaurant (大诚•小厨), Craig Road

We've passed by this shop (4 Craig Road, tel : +65 6908 0569) numerous times and today, we were finally coaxed into walking in by the proprietress. She seemed enthusiastic talking about their home styled cooking without the use of any artificial flavour enhancers and how the ingredients are of good quality and certified by our local food import authorities. What tipped the scales of decision was that the menu looked like it might be good.

We started with their rendition of pig skin with meat aspic with broccoli. The slices of jellied pig skin and meat were pretty tasty and paired nicely with the chilli-ed soy sauce dip. I thought it probably would be a good idea for them to carpet the jelly with a thicker coat of broccoli since the current quantity is pretty much just decorative. Not complaining here.

There was a stir fried red mushroom dish that was pretty expensive. So we settled for the cheaper version of the dish with stir fried wong bok since we hadn't any idea what those red mushrooms were or if they were any good. Turns out that this was a tasty dish. Enjoyed the light vinegar infused into the savoury vegetables. Those mushrooms had a light (mushroom-y) flavour and were textured like chanterelles. 

That's their fried rice with dark soy sauce which slowly got more addictive as we ate.

Then came the pig trotter and cabbage soup. What I particularly liked about the soup was that they had included frozen tofu (凍豆腐). If you haven't had those, the textures are different from regular tofu. They're is spongier from the holes/crevices formed in the tofu after the water that's turned into ice has melted. 

Broth was not bad but I couldn't really tell what flavour it was. I'm assuming it's a pork bone base. Those trotters were too chewy.

The restaurant serves dumplings with different stuffings. Those above were egg and cucumber and were generally okay tasting. 

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