Sunday, June 10, 2018

Satay chicken nasi lemak from Crave

I've had my apprehension about these guys since anyone who expects the real McCoy is either foolishly optimistic or delusional. Or both. But I decided to drop by to try their nasi lemak anyway.

In retrospect, there're mixed feelings. It was not a bad plate of nasi lemak. Not bad meaning I'll be reluctant to give it thumbs up but it's also not something I'll be steering clear of. There's definitely some coconut flavour in the rice. The sambal was a pretty enjoyable sweet and spicy while the satay sauce probably needed more crushed peanuts to be pretty decent.

One the other hand I found the entire plate oily. Having that sambal (which they charge if you ask for extras) ironically also meant that I'm not going to be tasting much or any of that coconut fragrance in that rice. The portions were a little small if you asked me for something that's $4 more than their regular plates. What's more, this didn't even come with begedil

So I guess this was just another chain outlet just like any other. One can certainly see that "passion for great food" is not a priority. The food was cooked and assembled by a bunch of hired hands so there's that. They certainly didn't care if anyone was satisfied by those portions for what they were charging because I certainly wasn't. Jia liao buay simi song. #notshiok

There - I've let it out. #不够爽 

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