Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Re-visiting Som Tam

And back at Som Tam we were giving a chance to the new lease of life.

There's grilled squids with mentaiko mayo on their menu. That menu also had pictures that strongly suggested much more mentaiko mayo then what was actually served. Thankfully, it was all salvaged by the nam jim thale which was a way better flavour to complement the squid. Would have been great if there was a bit more char but these chewy squids were pretty good.

Chicken fried rice with preserved olive leaves? Yes please. I thought this was quite nicely done. A little greasy but heartily delicious the same with a squeeze of lime.

The flavour oddity here was their black curry chicken with Musan king durian - or also commonly known as mao shan wang (猫山王). Imagine a consistency akin to black sesame paste with a creamy, nutty almost chocolate like flavour. Kinda like buah keluak. With spices. And a dollop of durian puree. Unusual? Definitely.

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