Thursday, November 08, 2018

More food from Pastaria Abate

What I like about eating at Pastaria Abate during the weekends is that it's usually not crowded. I definitely appreciate a peaceful sit down meal in this crowded city. There's a foie gras and mushroom pasta this past weekend on their specials. It was quite nice. Earthiness from the mushroom and the light liver-y taste from the foie. Those onions cutting through the grease worked. 

I was curious about the scallop pasta with some sort of lemon butter sauce. Those scallops were nicely browned and tender. I wouldn't mind a bit more char for flavour though. That savoury tasting sauce was tangy without being lemon-y and unexpectedly - also not buttery. That's as much as I am able to describe it.

Oh yeah, we tried their garlic bread. It says home styled on their menu. Don't know whose home. I wouldn't get it again. I think I can make better at home.

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