Saturday, January 12, 2019

Cafe Seasons (四季常餐), Wellington Street, HK Central

This cafe (Shop C, G/F Sunwise Mansion, 112-114 Wellington Street, Central, tel : +852 3594 6612) was relatively new but they've gotten their marketing game on with social media. That was how we found out about them.

Their menu doesn't have very much. We were here at breakfast for their bun with corned beef, scrambled eggs and cheese. That sandwich was much lighter and easier to inhale than appearances belied. It had the prerequisite fat and salt along with energy providing carbs that made breakfasts and yes, I'd come back just for this again.

There's regular toast with scrambled eggs and luncheon meat as well. Those were also as delicious as they looked.

Note to self, there's no 茶走 here. Only regular milk tea.

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