Monday, January 07, 2019

Crystal Jade Kitchen, Holland Village

We haven't been to this Crystal Jade Kitchen for many years. In fact, we haven't been to any Crystal Jade anythings for a long time - not since Imperial Treasure happened in our lives. This outlet (2 Lorong Mambong, tel : +65  6469 0300) had just been overhauled and happened to be pretty convenient for a family weekend lunch/dim sum thingy.

I was pretty surprised by their olive fried rice. Not the most memorable I've had but still pretty tasty.  There was sufficient flavour coming from the preserved olive/leaves while the beady texture of the rice marked a skilled hand behind the wok. Something I wouldn't mind having again.

These guys have a rendition of zha leong (炸兩) made with charcoal dough fritters that's drizzled with sweet sauce. Those fritters were very crispy. No chew. All crisp.

There's a osmanthus soya sauce chicken which was outstanding. The chicken was smooth, slurp off the bone tender and there was definitely a hint of that osmanthus honey sweetness with the soya sauce marinade. I'd come back here just for this alone. 

Har gows were okay. 

Char siew baos were okay. There are no in between the lines to be read here. Okay simply meant that.

Truffle siew mais were also okay.

These rolls with prawn and mozzarella cheese were also passable. What ruined them for me were the bits of coriander in them. Why?!

We had an order of prawn paste mid wings. Like the zha leong, the exterior of these were pretty crispy. Made good snacking though.

That's deep fried fish skin with salted egg paste. Most places never screw this up.

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