Sunday, January 13, 2019

Honbo - the burger joint on elevated ground behind a tree in Wan Chai

I seldom use Google Maps in Hong Kong but I did for Honbo (G/F New Sun House, 6-7 Sun Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong, tel : +852 2567 8970). That and that I had to exercise a little instinctual navigation in spite of the app. After we found it, we realized that it wasn't so hidden. It's just on elevated grounds behind a tree.

Words like homegrown, grassroots and perhaps indirectly - a touch of locavore-ism is being hinted at for their food which showcases what can be done from local farmers and brewers. Vegetables that are harvested from Yuen Long, milk buns that are supposedly baked 15 minutes away and maybe that USDA beef doesn't quite count here.   

That's that Honbo burger, 2 X 2oz smashed looking beef patties with more surface ratio for the flavour from char and crust. There's onions which I thought was nicely done with a sharpness cutting through the meat and cheese along with house brined bread and butter pickles. We asked for less sauce and less sauce was actually perfect. Buns held up well.

Cheese burger featured 1 X 4oz patty. There's lettuce and as far as I can tell, those and the single patty was the major difference with this and the Honbo. An ounce or two more of that beef would be nice-r but I think I can live with their balance. Flavours weren't unnecessarily complicated and I thought these guys did a good job with being straight forward.

I even liked their crisp shoestring fries.

Found a nice local brew by Coco Espresso and Carbon Brews. It's a stout as far as I'm concerned with hints of coffee - a chocolate-y bitter aroma with the malt which I enjoyed. Been a while since I've had beer from a can and thought well of it.

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