Thursday, January 10, 2019

Sun King Yuen Curry Restaurant (新景園咖喱小廚), Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai

We read about this eatery (G/F 20 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai, tel : +852 2574 9172) known for their pork chop rice with curry and its crowd, but nothing prepared us for the crowd like the actual crowd. There are two queues at the front of the restaurant; it would be prudent to understand that one of them is for take away orders. Also be prepared to share tables.

They've a bunch of things on their menu but the majority of the people seemed to be ordering pork chop rice with curry and rice noodles stir fried with beef. We skipped the latter because we thought it glistened too much for us to be comfortable with the grease. The pork chop was delicious. Tender, boned in, a little sweet amidst the savoury and had a mixture of meat and fat without excessive grease on the breaded exterior. Whew! Still trying to understand their curry which I believe is a local rendition that I personally haven't gotten used to.

Going against the grain of the lunch crowd and by the recommendation of one of the wait staff, we ordered some stir fried vegetables with shrimp paste. It was actually a lot more than just shrimp paste that were stir fried with the vegetables. There were also cut chilli, garlic and small dried shrimps which added a load of tasty flavours. The vegetable was called tong choi by the lady that recommended us - it's also commonly known as kang kong in the southern part of Asia. The portions were pretty damn large as well.

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