Thursday, June 13, 2019

Todamgol Todamgol to buy a fat pig...

We've gotten a little bit wiser with the ordering at Korean restaurants. But wiser still we must be. Here's some recent eats from Todamgol.

We've tried their bossam previously, liked it but we were also curious about their jokbal. A combo platter resolved it by giving us both. Both the boiled belly and knuckle were pretty good especially paired with their nutty ssamjang and salty saeujeot. The portions were huge.

There was an option to top up $10 for oyster kimchi. We thought that it would replace the regular kimchi but these came in a separate serving. Not bad. Between the banchan, the bossam/jokbal platter and this, we had a lot of kimchi.

Tried chueo tang for the first time. It's boiled loach soup. The method of preparation resulted in the fish being pretty much disintegrated from all the boiling. All that was of it was just a gritty texture in the soup. Which became a bit tastier after we've put in some of the saeujeot.

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