Saturday, May 23, 2020

Blue Ginger-ing @ home

Blue Ginger-ing at home from GrabFood. Their food was a little less expensive and felt a little bit more down to earth than Candlenut. But, I suppose I haven't eaten enough from the latter to make a proper comparison.

Achar. Would have benefitted with more peanuts like what I've previously mentioned. I would have liked them to be pickled for a little longer for more punch. These didn't make me want to eat as much rice as I did back then so maybe something is different here.

Pretty decent babi pongtay. The flavour was sufficient but I thought lacked a little intensity. Which in no way meant that it wasn't rich tasting in the first place. Not as pretty looking as the one from Godmama though.

Pretty puny portions for $28. The sambal was nutty and a little shrimpy. Good with rice and those petai which they had too little of.

This kangkong lemak would really be improved by more generosity with the lemak gravy.

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