Tuesday, June 30, 2020

PS. Cafe, Great World

It's not news but PS. Cafe (#01-555 Great World, 1 Kim Seng Promenade) has an outpost at Great World. There's a "Spice Route" section in the menu here that the other branches don't seem to have.

I've seen their crab tart around for a long time. Finally tried it. Menu said buttery short crust but it didn't taste very buttery to me. The tart was stuffed with crab meat but those tasted like something out of a can/jar. The texture was very minced and there were no chunks. It was packed with crab though.

Tried the lamb pilaf pie from the Spice Route section of the menu. Nice puff pastry cover over rice. I liked the toasted seeds on them. Underneath were some lamb, rice and cauliflower. A third of it might have been cauliflower. The gravy had a lot of tang but not much heat - kinda like a not so spicy vindaloo. It's not bad per se but it wasn't impressive.

Finished with a banana cake with butterscotch. Liked that it wasn't too sweet.

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