Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ma Maison @ Bugis Junction

Fantastic english i may lack, instinct for good food i possess...
Ma Maison, upon arrival at the table, a tag with your table number would be given. Ma Maison, as the name suggests, gives a homely, countryside feel so its suitable for bringing your family for a warm, hearty dinner.

For the starters, we ordered Escargots and Cha Soba salad. Escargots arrived in a metal plate on top of a heap of sand-like stuff which they will later set fire to. Unfortunately, the waitress was unsuccessful so wat we got was a small little flame at the side. Haha. The Escargots were drenched in olive oil and butter, pretty tasty. Worth a try.
As for the Cha Soba Salad, we got so enthusiastic that we forgot all about phototaking, so what we got in the end is just remains of it. How unprofessional of a foodblogger, Haha. The salad had some cha soba, ham and eggs along with other stuffs topped with mayonnise. It was not as cold as i expected it to be but overall its not too bad.
As for the mains, we order Squid Ink Pasta and Beef Stroganoff with omelette and rice. Squid ink pasta is an interesting dish that we don't normally see in restaurants in Singapore. The pasta has got more flavour than i thought and i think the mushrooms on the it is actually uncook. A word of advice, don't eat it on your first date because it will make your mouth black. For a person that prefers variety in the food that they eat, the pasta will be pretty unexciting as there's only pasta and slices of mushroom in the dish. I guess they made it that way so that we could appreciate the taste of the squid ink.
As for the beef omelette rice, the rice is warm and buttery, covered by fluffy scrambled eggs and drenched in stewed beef sauce. It's a more sophisticated version of Omu Rice's "Omelette with Hiyashi sauce". The texture of it is rather smooth so you could practically feel it glide its way down your throat. However, the beef in the sauce is rather tough and its in small little cubes and the sauce, though nice, doesn't really have much beefy taste. Sinful isn't it?

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