Monday, October 09, 2006

Wasssabi~! Wassup babe~!

With the recent craze about this mousse like ice-cream,Uzumaki. I decided to just give it a chance. I tried the green tea flavour and the wasabi flavour. The price ranges from S$3.50 to S$4.00, which i find it rather pricey.

Green tea flavour is just passable, nothing fancy, maybe just less sweet than normal ice-cream. For the price it's at, what i can say is just, i had better ice-creams for that price. Another point to take note is that it stains your mouth after comsumption. So, also a no-no food for first dates.. haha.

Wasabi is more exotic, it's nice to just give it a shot when you are feeling adventurous. The wasabi flavour comes as an aftertaste, therefore to feel the impact. It's best tt u take a small mouth, let it melt in the mouth then drink it to feel the effect of the taste.


Anonymous said...

Wasabi flavour? I still haven't got da guts to give it a go at it yet. Buahahaha~~~~

Loviatar said...

Go ahead, it isn't too bad. if u can take normal wasabi, u should be able to survive this.

QIAN said...

oh.....sound nice...but where can i find this store at?

LiquidShaDow said...

There is one at the basement of Bugis Junction. It's located near the ATMs which is near to the escalators which lead to Bugis MRT.