Friday, March 30, 2007

Some photos from Morton's

This was a belated dinner treat that was a long time in coming. :) Morton's of Chicago has so far, not disappointed. From the warm bustling ambience to the perceptive spontaneity in service, the restaurant makes visible effort to justify what one pays for eating here. Sure the prices are hefty but it would also be otherwise difficult to find a place that does better steak and service together.

This was the first time I am having them crab cakes. I have to say that they were $35 good. The same went for the excellent lobster bisque which I admit to being slightly skeptical towards before the actual tasting. It was a rich, hot and creamy lobster soup with a hint of brandy just on the edge and in my books, it could be the best one around.

the evil onion loaf

jumbo lump crab cake

lobster bisque

boneless prime rib
bone in ribeye

grilled asparagus in balsamic glaze

chocolate cake

to be continued...maybe....perhaps.....someday....possibly


D said...

Was that the double-cut bone-in primerib? Can't ever get enough of those babies =D

LiquidShaDow said...

The first one is the boneless prime rib and the other is the bone in ribeye. :)

D said...

Ha! I thought it looked abit "puny" =P Go for the 640g double cut bone-in primerib next time, you'll love it, there's so much meat in that baby, it's one hell slut of a steak haha =D