Sunday, May 31, 2020

Five Guys - lettuce, pickles, mushroom, mustard, hot sauce and extra cheese

Five Guys - lettuce, pickles, mushroom, mustard, hot sauce and extra cheese

Felt like having them burgers. This was the first time I've gotten their burger with hot sauce beside the last time I went "all in". Not so spicy. Today was a first time they got the orders inaccurate though. My burger had tomatoes which I didn't opt for.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Poached rice from Da Shi Jia

Da Shi Jia, poached rice

I didn't recall seeing poached rice on the menu of Da Shi Jia when we went there previously. Decided to give it a go since it was on GrabFood. Man it was good. Very much like how I imagined it. Which was basically their garlic-ky and crustacean-y broth with rice. Came with a few slices of pork and two large prawns. It's a little pricey but I wouldn't mind eating this again.

Da Shi Jia, prawn noodles

Friday, May 29, 2020

Food from Lechon Republic

Lechon Republic, delivery

Trying Lechon Republic (#01-09 Novena Regency, 275 Thomson Road) for the first time.

Lechon Republic, lechon rice

The lechon was not bad. The crisp of the skin held up quite well through delivery. I would imagine that they would be even better if we had them fresh at the restaurant. The meat was very tender and had some fat for flavour.

Lechon Republic, bopis rice

Tried their bopis. If you didn't know what bopis was, it's a sautéed offal dish of beef and/or pork lungs and/or heart. The sauce was a little sweet, a little spicy, tangy and creamy even. It was good pairing with rice. 

Lechon Republic, sisig

Here's a sizzling sisig which is obviously not sizzling anymore. Because delivery. Heh. Deliciously savoury that is enhanced by a citrus-y tang from the limes. That and some spikes of heat from the green chilli. Obviously so good with the rice.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Delivery from Blue Label Pizza

Blue Label Pizza

I've been wanting to give Blue Label Pizza another try since the previous time.

Blue Label Pizza, blue label salad

That's their Blue Label salad - Brussels sprouts, dried blueberries, Manchego and a mustard vinegrette. 

Blue Label Pizza, blue label salad

Very tangy, liked it. This tasted a lot better than it looked.

Blue Label Pizza, j-dog

We went for the rather expensive J-Dog ($38) with pepperoni, bacon, pork sausage and jalapeño. Very salty. The crust was so thin in the middle that it couldn't hold the weight of the toppings. That crust also didn't survive well having gotten soggy in the middle parts and a little tough and chewy at the cornicione. The flavour of the cornicione was still nice though - made better with those sesame seeds but that by itself couldn't make me think better of the pizza. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Mango Tree Indian Coastal Restaurant

The Mango Tree Indian Coastal Restaurant, delivery

We had eaten once from Mango Tree years ago. It's a little farther out than where we normally venture to but since we're all ordering in these days, I thought it would be nice to revisit them

The Mango Tree Indian Coastal Restaurant, erachi ishtu

I noticed a Erachi ishtu on the menu which immediately brought to mind something very similar I had once at Swaadhisht. Didn't regret it. Nice creamy coconut broth with spices and tender onions and a bit of heat. Those sliced bits of green chilli in them added a great aroma. Mutton in the broth was tender as well. I think the one from Swaadhisht was more peppery.

The Mango Tree Indian Coastal Restaurant, murg makhani

I enjoyed the murg makhani - seemed like more than I did the last time. My thoughts of it might have changed a little. I enjoyed the balance of the cream and tang. I wonder if the recipe has changed from that time. It was too bad that I had too little naan or rice to finish up all the gravy.

The Mango Tree Indian Coastal Restaurant, mango mapas

I didn't remember it but apparently I had ordered their mango mapas previously as well. Still liked the tangy creamy flavours of this green mango curry.

The Mango Tree Indian Coastal Restaurant, lemon basmati rice

Their lemon basmati rice. There was some nutty aroma - maybe from the spices and lentils. Sadly, not not detecting any lemon in there.

The Mango Tree Indian Coastal Restaurant, mango naan

I wanted to get another opinion on the mango naan that Mango Tree after all this time. It was tastier than what I recalled from the last time. The fragrance from the mango along with some butteriness wafted out as soon as I opened the foil wrap. Also unlike the previous time, I tasted mango. I'm not sure what dip it would be suitable for since every gravy option would be overpowering the mango flavour on these naan.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Home delivery from Kok Sen Restaurant

Kok Sen (30 Keong Saik Road, tel : +65 6223 2005) has been around for years. The place has been a popular cze char spot for a long time too. I've only heard of them some years ago. Never bothered because the queue was a major deterrent. But we're in delivery season and they are sometimes available on GrabFood.

Kok Sen, beef black bean sauce rice

So I ended up with an order of the beef with black bean sauce rice. Why beef? Because I wanted sliced fish and they were out of it. So I settled in spite of apprehension. Besides, what was important for me was to discover if their black bean sauce was any good. It wasn't. Not enough of the black bean flavour and also not enough salt. Beef was also "unnatural" if you catch my drift. For black bean sauce and proper beef in Chinese cze char, I'd go with Maddie's Kitchen

Kok Sen, roasted pork kailan

Kailan with roasted pork on rice was significantly tastier. Garlic and oyster sauce were most of those flavour. That was the intention and pretty much all that was needed in a dish like this. Nice crunch from the kailan but pork was a little chewy.

Kok Sen, prawn paste chicken

I heard they were known for their prawn paste chicken (虾酱鸡). Pretty decent rendition if I might say so. I think Sin Hoi Sai might have just a little edge over Kok Sen but don't knock it till you've tried this. Liked the good spread of the prawn paste flavour.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Market Grilled @ home

Market Grill, prawn roll

Market Grill has some new items on their menu. Lure was cast on social media and I took the bait. Heh heh. While I maintain that their food would probably be more enjoyable eaten at the restaurant, they did survive delivery pretty well. Well, most of it anyway.

Market Grill, jambalaya

Jambalaya's new on the menu. Seeing it reminded me of the etouffee from the defunct One Night Only. No they tasted different. If my memory serves, the gravy from the etouffee packed more of the crustacean punch compared to the rice here. Not that this one didn't have any. Loved the smokiness from the bacon that got into every bite of those tiger prawns. Pretty sure it would have tasted better straight from the kitchen.

Market Grill, lamb shoulder

Lamb shoulder didn't survive well. Meat was drying up and badly needed salt. The spice was not well distributed so some bites tasted more potent than the others. But I'm mostly disappointed by the lack of salt. 

Market Grill, prawn roll

Prawn roll was also new on menu. Liked the chunky sliced up tiger prawns in the toasted & buttered brioche. Odd thing - I tasted quite a bit of dill in there but couldn't see any at all. In any case, I enjoyed the unexpected heartiness from this. Would definitely get it again.

Market Grill, delivery

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Charcoal grilled bak kwa fried rice from Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐)

Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐), charcoal grilled bak kwa fried rice

Just came across this bak kwa fried rice from Din Tai Fung while browsing food delivery recently. I wonder how different this was from the "packaged from a central kitchen" boxes that are sold at Toast Box. DTF's fried rice is at a level where eating at the restaurant and having them through delivery is a different experience. It's obviously better at the restaurant and today's portion are a bit more greasy than I'm used to.

I would have given this a thumbs up if there were more bak kwa in the fried rice. Also, calling those bak kwa 'charcoal grilled' on the menu raises expectations. In my opinion, those expectations fell a little short.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Blue Ginger-ing @ home

Blue Ginger, delivery

Blue Ginger-ing at home from GrabFood. Their food was a little less expensive and felt a little bit more down to earth than Candlenut. But, I suppose I haven't eaten enough from the latter to make a proper comparison.

Blue Ginger, achar

Achar. Would have benefitted with more peanuts like what I've previously mentioned. I would have liked them to be pickled for a little longer for more punch. These didn't make me want to eat as much rice as I did back then so maybe something is different here.

Blue Ginger, babi pongtay

Pretty decent babi pongtay. The flavour was sufficient but I thought lacked a little intensity. Which in no way meant that it wasn't rich tasting in the first place. Not as pretty looking as the one from Godmama though.

Blue Ginger, sambal udang petai

Sambal udang petai - puny portions for $28. Did not represent good value for money at all. Even though the sambal was nutty, a little shrimpy and moreish on rice with those petai which they had too little of.

Blue Ginger, kangkong lemak

This kangkong lemak would really be improved by more generosity with the lemak gravy.

Friday, May 22, 2020

A breakfast of bread, eggs and cheese

Genuine Bavarian organic sunflower seed rye with eggs. Blue cheese with Raboso wine which I might have gotten from Marketplace. Had grapes/raisins on them. The blue's nice with the eggs and bread. Slight tang, pungent, characteristically salty with a little sweet even. Forgot what's the other one. Might have been Comte from Cheese Ark.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Cold ramen from Tampopo

Tampopo, cold ramen

I've eaten a cold ramen from Tampopo years ago. This one is a bit different. No kurobuta ham and no mustard. Looked a lot less impressive and truth to be told, the experience was not even on par with the ones from Baikohken or even Ohsho. Serviceable but definitely not getting them again. Chilled food doesn't survive delivery well.

Tampopo, cold ramen

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Atout at home - lobster bisque, frog legs, cod liver and pork rillettes

Atout, delivery

A lunch delivery from Atout.

Atout, lobster bisque

Which consisted of their delicious lobster bisque. It seems that there're no dumplings in them anymore.

Atout, cod liver

Also those cod livers that we liked. Great with bread.

And some of the pork rillette that the restaurant makes.....

Atout, bread

.......which were good munching with bread like those cod livers. Freshly made baguettes and sourdough loaf.

Atout, frog legs

We got some frog legs too. Nice and garlicky.

Atout, delivery

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Supper from Tsui Wah

Tsui Wah, tea

That would be supper with 茶走 by the way. Admittedly, the reason why it was Tsui Wah was because they pulled through for us by being available past 9.30pm when most of the deliveries have called it a day.

Tsui Wah, pork chop fried rice

Some greasy fried rice. Rice needs a bit more salt.

Tsui Wah, luncheon meat and egg sandwich

A luncheon meat and egg sandwich that is superior to most if not all others in this country. I'm pretty sure the bread was steamed to get that soft texture and that was part of the appeal.

Tsui Wah, fried chicken wings

Decent fried chicken wings.

Tsui Wah, condense milk buns

Not forgetting their so good condensed milk buns.

Monday, May 18, 2020

It's back

McD's sausage breakfast wrap

It had been a thing when McD closed for a while. It is apparently a thing now that they've re-opened. For reasons.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Home delivery from Sawadee Thai

Sawadee Thai, delivery

Oddled Sawadee Thai. They're a little pricey but the food has always been very decent.

Sawadee Thai, roasted duck red curry

We ordered mostly what we've eaten from the restaurant before - like the roasted duck red curry which looked a lot prettier in the restaurant. Those warm lychees in the curry were still awesome.

Sawadee Thai, tom kha gai

Liked their tom kha gai. Still like it. Gotta remember to tell them lay off the coriander the next time. How could I have forgotten that?!

Sawadee Thai, stuffed chicken wings

Had them stuffed fat chicken wings.

Sawadee Thai, vegetables hokkaido scallops

This was the only dish we've never tried before - seasonal vegetables with Hokkaido scallops it said on the menu. Was that napa cabbage? Scallops were tender and still had a little sweetness in them but I can't tell that they're from Hokkaido. Can anyone?

Sawadee Thai, sweet steamed tapioca

Their sweet steamed tapioca was tasty enough that we still had room for them after the meal. As good as I remembered them.

Sawadee Thai