Saturday, January 07, 2012

Tonkatsu by Ma Maison, Mandarin Gallery

Tonkatsu by Ma Maison, mangalica pork katsu

Here's a look at the Mangalica pork katsu and ebi katsu from the Tonkatsu shop by Ma Maison (333A Orchard Road, #02-35/36 Mandarin Gallery, tel: +65 6733 4541). If you're wondering what the Mangalica pork was, it's meat that comes from a certain shaggy looking Hungarian pig. Here's the kicker. While I could quite clearly tell that the fatty meat tasted differently from the regular pork, I couldn't exactly describe how so. I was a little disappointed by that even though it was a very competently done piece of tonkatsu. It wasn't the bad kind of disappointment and by all means, don't avoid it. 

The ebi katsu on the other hand was so unexpectedly soft to the point whereby quite a bit of the texture from the prawns were lost. I had inwardly been expecting the meat of the prawns to be be similar to the nicely done ones which Saboten had. The latter had more bite even though it came in chopped pieces and these ones contained unnaturally soft whole shrimps. If I had to make a comparison, I very much prefer Saboten. Those guys make a better sesame dressing for their cabbage which really works miracles on their rice for me.

Tonkatsu by Ma Maison, ebi katsu

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Deep fried cauliflowers from Gandhi's Vegetarian Restaurant

It's been a few years since my first visit to this place (No.28 Jalan Scott, ground floor of Scott Sentral Serviced Apartment, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur 50470). It was quite a change in location considering that it used to be located on a lot in an open parking space. This time round, we ordered up some deep fried cauliflower among other stuff and those turned out to be really good. How should I describe this? The flavor of the crispy batter tasted much like the ones on the curly fries that McD has. All that tasty savory crisp enveloped hot juicy cauliflowers flavored with some fried curry leaves and a squeeze of lemon. So much better than those at Pizzeria Mozza.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Ben's, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

Note to myself that cafes/bistros aren't always a place for lousy food. Sometimes, they aren't bad.

What did I like about here? Let see...the warm mushroom salad rocked with the rockets that were nicely wilted beneath the pan roasted mushrooms. I could have been bias since there were a handful of crumbled Roquefort and caramelized walnuts, but that'll just be me. The red duck curry brought back memories of Baan Khanita. Deep fried ducks and lychee ween't too bad together in curry. Loved the awesome sour and spicy mango salad on the side which was appetizing throughout.

Must say that the moist coconut cake was pretty enjoyable as well. I guess KLCC isn't that boring after all.