Thursday, August 31, 2023

Small Potatoes Make The Steak Look Bigger : Year Seventeen

the outcast dead

Year XVII. 23.M2. It's been 17 years of small potato-ing. Some months back, a comment was left on the blog about....well, blogs such as this having fallen out of trend. Guess I'm one of the outcast dead. But I'm also pretty sure this will outlast The Horus Heresy.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Teochew Beef Kway Teow (潮洲牛肉粿條), Amoy Street Food Centre

Teochew Beef Kway Teow (潮洲牛肉粿條), Amoy Street Food Centre

I've been wanting to try Teochew Beef Kway Teow (#01-23 Amoy Street Food Centre, 7 Maxwell Road) for a while now. Hasn't been easy since these guys are only open in the weekdays from 9am to about 2pm. Since they were pretty much the only Teochew beef noodle stall left that I'm aware of, I wanted to know if they were as good as the word on them was.

Teochew Beef Kway Teow (潮洲牛肉粿條), Amoy Street Food Centre

Got myself a bowl of sliced beef and tendon dry kuey teow. This was the spicy bowl. In retrospect, I'll get the non spicy version the next time.

Teochew Beef Kway Teow (潮洲牛肉粿條), Amoy Street Food Centre

The meat toppings were generous. What convinced me that this will not be my last time here were the dried fermented black bean you could help yourself to at the front of the stall. Never had that as an option and it's kickass awesome as an additional nuanced layer of saltiness introduced into the kuey teow. Loved it.

Teochew Beef Kway Teow (潮洲牛肉粿條), Amoy Street Food Centre

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Dapur Penyet, Tiong Bahru Plaza

Dapur Penyet, Tiong Bahru Plaza

Dapur Penyet has opened at Tiong Bahru Plaza (#02-137 Tiong Bahru Plaza, 302 Tiong Bahru Road).

Dapur Penyet, bandung grass jelly

Bandung grass jelly.

Dapur Penyet, bawal bakar
Dapur Penyet, empal bakar

Tried a couple of their grilled stuff. I guess they were okay. Half of the meat from the beef rib was dry and stringy. Pomfret was so so. Everything tasted mostly of kecap manis.

Dapur Penyet, indonesian chicken satay

Chicken satay was large and meaty but these are nowhere close to the ones from Cumi Bali.

Dapur Penyet, eggs belado

Eggs belado. Their belado tasted similar to the ones from Sari Ratu but packed substantially more heat.

Dapur Penyet, sayur asam

This was called sayur asam - vegetable soup with assam. It's sour but also sweet so it wasn't exactly what I had in mind. Aside from the sparse vegetables, there's soy beans it it. Me no like.

Monday, August 28, 2023

Revisiting Sakari Sushi

Sakari Sushi, Orchid Hotel, Tras Link

It's been almost a decade since we were first/last at Sakari Sushi. This was again lunch.

Sakari Sushi, green tea

Ordered the green tea iced because the weather was blistering. These tasted more diluted than they looked. $3 a cup lightly murky green iced water?

Sakari Sushi, salad

Lunch came with salad with goma dressing. I kinda liked this for some reasons. Maybe it's because it's well tossed and chilled.

Sakari Sushi, chawanmushi

Chawanmushi was like half filled. Or half empty depending on your perspective. Only kamaboko and some mushrooms. Dashi was weak.

Sakari Sushi, barachirashi

I have the impression that their barachirashi felt more premium in the past. That's just an impression. Still tasted nice though with the finely diced seafood. Portion felt small.

Sakari Sushi, mini aburi engawa kaisen don

Another option for lunch was their mini donburi which included both aburi engawa don and a kaisen don. I thought this felt more satisfying compared to the barachirashi this time round.

Sakari Sushi, mini aburi engawa don

The aburi engawa bowl was sublime. Didn't expect to find bits of chopped squid in it. This was smokey, melty with the fat of the fin over the rice and well salted. Nice. 👍🏼

Sakari Sushi, mini kaisen don

The other mini bowl was a small kaisen don. Wasabi's grated. Not bad - had a cleaner taste compared to the engawa.

Sakari Sushi, Orchid Hotel, Tras Link

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Xiang Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice, Porridge and Noodle (香記海南雞飯, 粥, 面), Holland Village Food Centre

Xiang Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice, Porridge and Noodle (香記海南雞飯, 粥, 面), chicken rice roast pork egg

I'm not sure if I've had chicken rice at Xiang Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice (#01-22 Holland Village Food Centre, 1 Lorong Mambong) before but they do look familiar. Anyways, here's a plate of roast 鸡尾 with roast pork and egg. Not a bad plate. A little greasy though. Their roast pork was surprisingly better than the generic run of the mill variety by being relatively moist and not half desiccated. Chilli has a burn.

It's one of those that I don't mind having if I'm in the vicinity but won't go out of the way for kind of stall.

Xiang Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice, Porridge and Noodle (香記海南雞飯, 粥, 面), Holland Village Food Centre

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Clos Pasoh, Bukit Pasoh

Clos Pasoh, Bukit Pasoh

We've seen a lot of pictures of the food from Clos Pasoh (48A Bukit Pasoh Road, Level 2, tel : +65 6980 0672) and it looked good. That has in part set expectations.

The restaurant described themselves as "a chic reimagining of the French brasserie for today’s urbane food and wine lover". I find that noncommittal-ly vague. A simpler and more accurate description would be just Asian influenced French.

Clos Pasoh, Bukit Pasoh

We were wrapping our heads around the Asian influenced French brasserie vibe. From the French-y setup amidst lush tropical plants to a sequence of music we noticed that included some rap tune I didn't identify, followed by some stereotypically Frenchie music and then 'Baby I'm Yours' by Breakbot & Irfane. Eclectic much?

Clos Pasoh, chargrilled sourdough cervelle de canut

Personally, I preferred the French aspect of their food.

Clos Pasoh, chargrilled sourdough

Sourdough was charcoal grilled. Great smokey flavour.

Clos Pasoh, cervelle de canut

Accompanied by some tangy Cervelle de canut.

Clos Pasoh, butter

And salted butter.

Clos Pasoh, bisque coco homard

One of the pictures that comes up often on social media is their bisque coco-homard. Coconut lobster bisque with lobster dumpling. I tasted lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. Was unpleasantly surprised by julienned ginger. The broth was nice. One could describe it as lobster-y and reminiscent of laksa

Did not enjoy the dumplings. When it's described as lobster dumplings, expectations tend to be raised. I couldn't identify what I ate.

Clos Pasoh, beef tartare green curry

Can you believe this is tartare de beouf? Did not think sliced red chilli add to the experience but maybe that's just me. Loads of texture which I expected from bits of herbs, roughly chopped meat, onions and capers were not present. It's inside mantou instead of on bread. Texturally it's nothing like beef tatare.

There's also green curry in it. In my not so humble opinion, they tried too hard with those Asian elements.

The glass bowl contained cashew butter. With the garnish, I thought it was more of the beef tartare. 😂  The cashew butter was nice though.

Clos Pasoh, ris de veau sweetbread

Ris de veau was good. Like I mentioned earlier, the French stuff was nice. Chunks of well caramelized foie gras in it were nice also. Mopped the Vin Jaune sauce clean with additional bread we asked for.

Clos Pasoh, sourdough

That the additional bread. Sourdough but not charcoal toasted.

Clos Pasoh, lamb

The lamb we had was part of the butcher's cut of the day. Shoulder braised in what the server described as Madras curry and drizzled with Greek honey. The latter was totally lost. That huge smudge of harissa was actually nice but unfortunately I like lamb tasting like lamb mostly and used that for my bread. Did not understand the obsession with capsicum here. 

The lamb itself was fantastic. Slip off the bone tender. If they were to tell me this was an African/Middle Eastern dish, I'd buy it. Don't see the French part in this.

Clos Pasoh, pistachio souffle

Pistachio souffle was...not great. Could not taste the pistachio so calling it 'not great' was a kindness. Raspberry sorbet was delicious and robust.

Clos Pasoh, coffee irish

Some Irish coffee with Jameson whiskey to end.

Clos Pasoh, Bukit Pasoh

Friday, August 25, 2023

Shikar, Maxwell Reserve

Shikar, Maxwell Reserve

I've been wanting to come to Shikar (Maxwell Reserve Singapore, 2 Cook Street, Whatsapp : +65 8866 0823) to try their thali lunch which is only available on weekdays which are non public holidays. Finally happened.

They say that their food is inspired by the grand old feasts of Indian Royals where members of high society socialised, ate and drank. Well, the food certainly came with a price tag to match those.

Shikar, Maxwell Reserve

Place looks colonial swanky like the hotel it is housed in with a level of ostentation that zips past say, Raffles Hotel as a comparison. But it's all good. It was pretty, a pleasant sanctuary from the blazing heat and the staff was nice.

Shikar, purple sweet potato goat's cheese chaat

We started with some chaat. Not part of the thali sets. This one was purple sweet potato patties stuffed with goat's cheese and tempura kale on yoghurt and pomegranate. Not the kind of chaat that you get in the street obviously. Those sweet potato patties were spiced.

Shikar, thali

Their thali was served in a U shaped tray which was made to fit a plate as separated pieces. From the left, it's cucumber raita that's infused with cumin, aloo gobi, pureed palak, the main dish, dal makhani, steamed basmati rice and a salad. 

There're a couple of main dish options for the vegetarian and non-vegetarian thalis. That's mostly the difference and everyone gets pretty much the same variety of stuff with one exception.

Shikar, paneer morels

Which is if you choose to top your palak with Italian morels and that comes with additional charge.

Shikar, lamb

One of our thali came with what the menu described as pot roasted lamb. Most of us would have called it curry mutton. This was exceptional fork tender curry mutton in a delicious rich gravy

Shikar, tiger prawns

This was the tiger prawn option. Gravy is creamy and coconut-y with the flavour of saffron and prawns. Outstanding.

Shikar, paneer kufte

We're at the vegetarian curd cheese kufte thali. I read it as their rendition of their paneer makhani in the form of fried cottage cheese balls. That tomato butternut saffron gravy it came in was kickass awesome.

Shikar, roti
Shikar, naan

The thalis came with bread as well. Naans and roti.

Shikar, rava kesari

Dessert was rava kesari. Love the moderated sweetness for this one.

Shikar, saffron masala chai

Saffron masala chai which was an additional order not part of the thali lunch. Say what? I know right? Saffron-izing good old masala chai as well. But hell yeah it was good. For a lack of a more comprehensive description, the chai was well balanced. There weren't overbearing elements in its composition as far as I could tell. Masala mix was in harmonious proportions, tea wasn't overly milky and definitely not excessively sweet.

Shikar, Maxwell Reserve