Friday, December 18, 2020

More food from Sari Ratu

Sari Ratu, Lucky Plaza

Haven't had Sari Ratu in a while so we dropped by at an opportune day for lunch.

Sari Ratu, sambal goreng

Ordered some of the stuff we liked like their sambal goreng.

Sari Ratu, sambal merah

Had to get an order of the sambal merah as well for the rice.

Sari Ratu, begedil

Some gnarly looking begedil that looked like they were dug out from the bowels of the earth.

Sari Ratu, gulai tunjang

This was our first encounter with this dish of gulai tunjang - tendons simmered in a gravy that appeared to be made with their sambal hijau. Delicious stuff.

Sari Ratu, omelette telur dadar

Some telur dadar.

Sari Ratu, tapioca leaves

And tapioca leaves stewed in a savoury coconut gravy.

Sari Ratu, rice

The portions of rice they serve are kinda tiny. There's never enough of it for the gravies and sambal in one serving.

Sari Ratu, starfruit juice

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