Tuesday, December 22, 2020

A tea, a cake and a pie from PS. Cafe

PS. Cafe, chai latte

The tea was Prana Chai from Australia. Black tea, probably a package blend with the masala spices and honey already included. The milk was soy. Was slightly apprehensive initially because of it but I actually enjoyed this more than I thought I would. Liked the flavour that managed to come through from the masala

PS. Cafe, burnt rum & raisin cheesecake

The cake was their burnt cheesecake with rum syrup drenched macerated raisins. Plump those raisins were. Cheesecake was soft and creamy. Not bad.

PS. Cafe, Normandy apricot pie

The pie which was more like a tart was a Normandy apricot pie. Pastry crust topped with slices of apricot and what might have been custard. I'm not sure. Not bad, but the crust would have benefitted from being more buttery. I'm thinking this could have been better heated up than at room temperature.

PS. Cafe, Neoz

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