Monday, December 28, 2020

Tambuah Mas, Great World

With this (B1-110/111 Great World, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, tel : +65 6235 6713), we've visited all the Tambuah Mas restaurants. The other two are at Paragon and Tanglin Shopping Centre. We had the idea that their menu never changes but we were wrong this time round because the introduced dishes of the month.

Tambuah Mas, urap

One of them was their urap. Not on the regular menu. We confirmed with the server that the vegetables were cooked before ordering because the raw rendition simply didn't work for me with all the green-y flavour. This one was not bad. Was also unexpectedly spicy.

Tambuah Mas, sayur lodeh

We had sayur lodeh. Vegetables were so tender.

Tambuah Mas, tempe goreng

We also liked their tempe goreng which I thought was good with their sambal belachan.

Tambuah Mas, udang petai belado

Tried their udang petai belado. Prawns were pretty fresh and easily removed from the shells. Wished there were more of the petai.

Tambuah Mas, sate ayam

Ordered a serving of their chunky sate which was accompanied by some nicely chilled cucumbers on the side.

Tambuah Mas, rice

Gotta have rice here. Otherwise, it'll be a crime to waste all the sauces and sambal. While I haven't actually paid attention before, I never noticed that they were using basmati. Was that a recent thing?

Tambuah Mas

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