Saturday, December 12, 2020

Menya Kanae, Novena

Menya Kanae, Novena

Prawn broth ramen aren't common. Haven't had one since the old Keisuke days a decade ago. Le Shrimp Ramen doesn't count. So Menya Kanae (#01-08 Novena Regency, 275 Thomson Road, tel : +65 8123 3661) from Hokkaido was an out of the way trip for me to have a taste.

Menya Kanae, shop

Shop's not exactly like the usual ramen-ya. It's a little chirpier. They do waffles and some izakaya-ish stuff as well.

Menya Kanae, tokusei

This was their tokusei bowl. The special bowl with the works. I can relate the broth to hae mee soup but this has a little more going on. It's creamier and has a little more heat. 

Noodles felt like a slightly thicker version of the thin Hakata styled noodles but I prefer more bite than what this shop is doing. Charshu wasn't the kind that would disintegrate in your mouth. These had more bite. The only thing that was really worth mentioning was the broth.

Menya Kanae, prawns

Had to remove the prawns to eat separately. They were dry and not deveined. For something that looked charred, that char aroma wasn't pronounced.

Menya Kanae, ebi sando

I quite enjoyed the ebi sando though. That's prawn paste and chunks of prawn meat in the patty. My take was that it could have been better if they had reduced the mayonnaise in the slaw because I felt it was excessive and masked the flavour from the prawn patty.

Menya Kanae

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