Wednesday, December 02, 2020

City Donut, McCallum Street

City Donut, McCallum Street

I've been wanting to check out City Donut (2 McCallum Street, tel : +65 6223 1425) as an alternative to the overpriced and excessively sweet Krispy Kreme for a while but the place has been one of those that was out of mention and out of mind for me. We stumbled upon them by chance recently and got a few flavours to try.

City donut, ondeh ondeh

The top one was the ondeh ondeh. Tasted like a coconut bun - the ones with juicy gula melaka shredded coconut stuffings. Not particularly donut-ty. 

City donut, orh nee

Middle's orh nee - the most donut-ty tasting one because it was essentially a regular donut stuffed with pureed yam. 

City Donut, coffee

Bottom's coffee. Didn't like it. Weak coffee taste.

Don't mind trying some other flavour another day but I'm not getting the feels that J.CO's original glazed gave me.

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