Monday, December 21, 2020

Fatty Cheong (肥仔详) Wanton Noodles, ABC Brickworks Food Centre

Fatty Cheong Wanton Noodles, bu jian tian

Fatty Cheong is pretty well known for their roast meats. They also have another stall (#01-52 ABC Brickworks Food Centre, 6 Jalan Bukit Merah) at the other end of ABC Market which sells wanton noodles with bu jian tian char siew (不见天叉烧). One doesn't have to specify the cut of meat during order - all char siew that is served with their wanton noodles are 不见天.

You're probably wondering how was this particular wanton mee

The char siew was nice. It was actually the highlight for the plate of noodles. Fatty, readily falling apart yet with that bit of tender bite of contrasting texture to the sweet caramelized exterior. Good stuff. The noodles weren't much to speak of since they were lacking the bite of springiness which I was hoping looking for. Wanton was okay and chilli sauce was so so.

Fatty Cheong Wanton Noodles, ABC Brickworks Food Centre

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