Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Chinatown Sun Seng (生成), Chinatown Food Centre

Chinatown Sun Seng (生成), Chinatown Food Centre

I gathered that Chinatown Sun Seng (Green Zone, #02-061 Chinatown Complex Market and Food Centre, 335 Smith Street) has been around for many years but they've only showed up in my radar in the recent year or so.

Chinatown Sun Seng (生成), fish head black bean sauce

Tried their stir fried fish head in black bean sauce. That sauce has got a lot of fish flavour. Wasn't as salty as I thought. While I didn't dislike how it tasted, I did not like how much bones I had to navigate. Easily more than 30 dangerous shards in that plate.

Chinatown Sun Seng (生成), beef hor fun

Loved their stir fried beef hor fun. That's nice wok hei in the rice noodles and what's also awesome is no artificial tenderizer in the slices of beef. The meat texture from the slices of beef were preserved and tasted natural. Will come back for this.

Chinatown Sun Seng (生成), Chinatown Food Centre

Sunny side ups with fried lard (猪油渣) that's drizzled over with dark soya sauce and a sprinkle of white pepper. I never knew I needed this and neither did you. This dish is not listed on the menu.

Chinatown Sun Seng (生成), Chinatown Food Centre

Helps deliver that "perfect mouthful" that comprises of a molten yolk coated lard and sliced chilli in light soya sauce over the smokey hor fun.

Chinatown Sun Seng (生成), Chinatown Food Centre

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Breakfast at Komala Vilas

Komala Vilas, Serangoon Road Little India

This was our first time getting breakfast at Komala Vilas (, , , , , ). The quieter hours of the day where the traffic along Serangoon Road was less intense.

Komala Vilas, pongal

Komala Vilas' pongal was a dense rice pudding infused with spices. This was served piping hot. It's heftier with greater density and has much less ghee compared with say A2B Veg Restaurant or Murugen Idli Shop

Komala Vilas, butter paneer dosai

We got ourselves a butter paneer dosai.

Komala Vilas, butter paneer dosai

Mashed up paneer was spread across the buttery dosai.

Komala Vilas, mini podi idly

The one with unexpected flavour was their mini podi idly. The podi was very nutty and salty. I would have thought it contained crushed nuts in a blind taste. It's also not as spicy as what I had been expecting from podi.

Komala Vilas, masala tea chai

Finished with a hot masala tea as it should be.

Komala Vilas, Serangoon Road Little India

Monday, April 15, 2024

Dirty matcha from Generation Coffee Roasters

Generation Coffee Roasters, dirty matcha

Tried the dirty matcha from Generation Coffee Roasters. Did not leave an impression like the ones from Tanamera Coffee or the defunct Forty Hands did. Coffee seemed to be a bit sour.

Generation Coffee Roasters, dirty matcha

Maybe I gotta do this again with sugar for a more accurate comparison. It's not a bad cup. Just not what I hoped it would do for me.

Generation Coffee Roasters, Hong Lim Food Centre

Dozo House, Tanjong Pagar Food Centre

Dozo House, donut

Saw this stall (#02-51 Tanjong Pagar Food Centre, 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza) beside Wei Wei Carrot Cake. They appear to selling "naan" and donuts.

Dozo House, donut

We saw the proprietor dredging up a fresh batch of donuts so we got one. They were fried in coconut oil. Pretty good fresh off the fryer.

Dozo House, Tanjong Pagar Food Centre

Got a curry chicken naan also. Actually decent quality with a nice curry flavour, bits of minced chicken and potatoes. May come back to try others.

Dozo House, Tanjong Pagar Food Centre

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Ipoh Prawn Noodle (怡保仔虾面), Tanjong Pagar Food Centre

Ipoh Prawn Noodle (怡保仔虾面), Tanjong Pagar Food Centre

Noticed this stall (#02-34 Tanjong Pagar Food Centre, 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza) the last time we were at Tanjong Pagar Food Centre. I don't know if this was truly Ipoh styled hae mee but it was delicious. There were loads of flavour from the dried shrimps in the chilli. Those dried shrimps don't appear to be the commonly seen variety (hae bee/虾米); they're more akin to sakura ebi. Unlike the local rendition of prawn noodle, there's also sliced hard boiled eggs in it.

Ipoh Prawn Noodle (怡保仔虾面), Tanjong Pagar Food Centre

Sambal was outstanding. Loads of crunch and shrimpy flavours amidst smokiness and garlic. 

Ipoh Prawn Noodle (怡保仔虾面), Tanjong Pagar Food Centre

Broth on the side also has more of those dried shrimps. The flavour has a pretty strong crustacean punch.

Ipoh Prawn Noodle (怡保仔虾面), Tanjong Pagar Food Centre

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Another episode of recent (somewhat) eats at Sushiro


Here's a bunch of stuff we've had from Sushiro (,十一十二十三十四) in the past couple or more months.

Sushiro, mushisushi

There was a mushisushi/mushi zushi which they described as steamed sushi. A tiny portioned discount version of the actual thing no doubt. It's just a bunch of stuff they threw in with rice minus finesse. Did not taste bad but I know I won't be getting them from again.

Sushiro, crab leg kanimiso

Here's this thing which came as a set. A zuwai kani sushi which wasn't particularly memorable and a ball of kani miso rice sushi thingy which was really good. Now why would they also have the zuwai kani sushi available separately on a la carte but not that nice kani miso rice?

Sushiro, rich kani miso ramen

Rich kani miso ramen which wasn't as rich as I was hoping for. A bit more generosity with the kani miso would have been nicer.

Sushiro, crabstick tempura

Jumbo crab stick tempura. Pretty meaty. Not bad.

Sushiro, tempura shirako

Couldn't pass up on their shirako tempura.

Sushiro, hotaru ika gunkan

Hotaru ika season came by and these were pretty decent. There was a lot of flavour in the marinade of the firefly squids.

Sushiro, sushiro X ps cafe black truffle chawanmushi

Some Sushiro x PS.Cafe collab (hah!) featuring black truffle paste on chawanmushi. All the truffle flavour came from the paste.

Sushiro, sushiro X ps cafe black truffle chawanmushi

Scallops, shrimp, fish cake and chicken at the bottom. Think that's probably the regular chawanmushi stuff they put in it.

Sushiro, sushiro X ps cafe black truffle scallop

Another Sushiro x PS.Cafe collab - black truffle paste aburi scallop nigiri. Said truffle paste was from PS. Cafe. Tasted much like how it looked/I imagined. Pretty strong truffle flavour there so make of that what you will. 😏

Sushiro, aburi shoyu scallop

Their aburi shoyu scallop nigiri was delicious in its simplicity. That bit of saltiness from the shoyu, sweetness from the scallops layered with a light smokiness. 

Sushiro, fried hokke cheese

Breaded fried hokke with some cheese sauce. Not bad tasting. Solid crisp on the outside and tasted freshly fried. That cheese sauce was thick and creamy.


I was led to believe that their thick cut medium fatty tuna would be thicc!

Sushiro, thick cut chutoro

It's wider, not thicker. Felt cheated.

Sushiro, aburi engawa shoyu

Gotta grab the aburi engawa when it's available. It's often not available.

Sushiro, shirasu mountain gunkan

Shirasu is in season so a shirasu mountain gunkan. I wished they didn't include that bit of minced ginger in there. I thought it tasted absolutely fine sans ginger.

Sushiro, shirasu ramen

The shirasu noodles tasted different from the ones that the used to do. It wasn't a bad eat but I don't feel it's as good as the ones they make in the past.

Sushiro, cream cheese mentaiko gunkan

Cream chese and aburi mentaiko is also my salty guilty pleasure. 😏

Sushiro, sweet potato mousse

 Sweet potato mousse. Not bad also.

Sushiro, mango shave ice

Sushiro calls this mango shaved ice and I also hesitate to use the word kakigori. But that's what it was. It's okay, not something I'd look forward or want to come back to. I guess my main gripe was that the citrus from the mango came only from the sauce, bits of mango and the pearls which could definitely do with more generosity. The shaved ice had the flavour of mango minus the citrus.