Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Pavilion Banana Leaf, Westgate

Pavilion Banana Leaf, Westgate

Haven't paid attention to this particular corner of Westgate before and hence never knew when Pavilion Banana Leaf (#02-28 Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, tel : +65 6270 3866) popped up. I liked what we had there.

Pavilion Banana Leaf, rose milk

A creamy rose milk while waiting for the food. If anyone was wondering, it tastes like bandung. A nicer bandung because the rose syrup tasted better. The milk was smooth and reminded me of those that are used in many chai we've had.

Pavilion Banana Leaf, dahi puri

Chaat came first. I was initially a little disappointed by how their dahi puri looked - a disappointment that dissipated once we popped those crunchy balls which were an explosion of flavours into our mouths. Yoghurt, tamarind sauce and coriander mint sauce amalgamating sweet, sour and spicy with some underlying savoury from the sev and fillings in the puri. No onions in these ones.

Pavilion Banana Leaf, samosa dahi chaat

samosa dahi chaat followed. Similar saucing slathered over a crushed samosa. Equally enjoyable for the same reasons as the dahi puri.

Pavilion Banana Leaf, fried mackerel

We had fried mackerel. Meat was pretty moist under the spiced coated fish.

Pavilion Banana Leaf, prawn kedaai rice

This was prawn kedaai rice. The menu described it as rice sautéed with shrimp thokku.

Pavilion Banana Leaf, prawn kedaai rice

Kinda like a wet briyani if you asked me. Delicious infusion of savoury spices in the rice. Came with two sizeable meaty prawns. The raita on the side was good!

Pavilion Banana Leaf, naan paneer butter masala

Because we felt like we needed more food, some butter and garlic naan accompanied by a creamy sweet paneer butter masala. Liked it. This was the indicator I needed to decide if I should try their butter chicken the next time.

Pavilion Banana Leaf, masala chai

They don't have one of the better masala chai in my opinion. Didn't pack the punch I was looking for in a milky spiced tea.

Pavilion Banana Leaf, Westgate

Monday, February 06, 2023

Capitol Bak Chor Mee, Food Opera @ ION Orchard

Capitol Bak Chor Mee, Food Opera @ ION Orchard

I've never noticed the name of the bak chor mee at Food Opera (#B4-03/04 ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn) until recently and the first thing that came to mind was wondering if this stall was the same as the one that we've previously had at the Food Republic at Capitol Piazza. One could presumably assume so because it's the same management folks but I'm pretty sure the people cooking aren't the same.

Saucing was definitely different. I don't remember specifically how they were different but I do recall having a better impression of the one back in Capitol Piazza. While this wasn't a bad bowl as bak chor mee went, this was also $9.20 with CNY surcharge. 😳 

Capitol Bak Chor Mee, Food Opera @ ION Orchard

Popeyes' Kimchi Cheese sandwich and Dino Choco biscuit


My regard for Popeyes dips through the years.

Popeyes, kimchi cheese

I mean, really? Collection? That's cheaper than a cheap handbag/shoe brand trying to sell the gimmick of the season.

Popeyes, dino choco biscuit

We were here this time because of the Dino Choco biscuit. It honestly looked kinda nice on the menu. For some strange reasons, it wasn't order-able from the menu.

Popeyes, dino choco biscuit

I would have respected them if they had product shot this instead of what they actually used. I wouldn't have been tricked sold but I would have respected the honesty. I construe this as intentional lie because there's no reason why their product show was the product shot if not to deliberately mislead.

Popeyes, dino choco biscuit

Not that nice. I'm guessing that it would have been nicer if it was the same thing as the product shot. More condensed milk and Milo powder. But I guess they're too cheap.

Popeyes, kimchi cheese sandwich

Since we were already here, why not the Kimchi Cheese sandwich eh?

Popeyes, kimchi cheese sandwich

I wouldn't say it tasted like kimchi. It's cheesy but it's the powder or nacho cheese kind of cheesy. Also too much sauce. The original chicken sandwich was better tasting.

Sunday, February 05, 2023

Revisiting Ramen Hitoyoshi (ラーメン人吉)

Revisiting Ramen Hitoyoshi (ラーメン人吉), tonkotsu ajitama

This was their regular tonkotsu bowl. Not much flavour from the charshu which was relatively tender but still chewy. Hard noodles also didn't stay hard for long.

Revisiting Ramen Hitoyoshi (ラーメン人吉), special charshu garlic tonkotsu

We tried a bowl of the special charshu garlic tonkotsu - today's special charshu was so special that it tasted like bacon. It wasn't the tender, crumbly and smokey thin slices from the previous time. This was bacon. 

Revisiting Ramen Hitoyoshi (ラーメン人吉), spicy sui gyoza

What makes their spicy sui gyoza was pretty much just the gyoza. Because chilli oil and vinegar are simply chilli oil and vinegar and both aren't made in house. The wrapping wasn't well done. Stuffings were falling out.

Revisiting Ramen Hitoyoshi (ラーメン人吉), kinoko butter yaki

Kinoko butter yaki's buttery and garlicky. Not bad. Don't know why they thought onions would make it better though.

Saturday, February 04, 2023

年年有鱼 at Etna

Etna, Duxton Road

Our 年年有鱼 at Etna. Looking back (, , , , , , , , , ), the most memorable item I've ordered from them came from the first visit.

Etna, bread

We got those triangular slices of garlic bread today. Those were nice. The focaccia were good for soaking up olive oil or sauces.

Etna, red snapper carpaccio fennel

Red snapper carpaccio with fennel was a special from their board. Didn't think much of it. If one stacked the thin slices of fish, it wouldn't be enough to make even a slice of sashimi. $26? Hmmm......

Etna, beetroot tagliatelle crab seabass mascarpone whiskey

Picture of the beetroot tagliatelle looked pink but this was what we got. There's chunks of seabass and some bits of crab it it. The creamy sauce was not bad tasting at all but I couldn't identify the mascarpone or whisky that's supposed to be in it.

Etna, salt baked seabass

Salt baked sea bass was the most exciting.

Etna, salt baked seabass

For some reasons, I thought of the dying embers from the flames at Etna as the burning salt crust was cracked open.

Etna, salt baked seabass

Nice quality fish. This manager-guy-dude didn't look like he was very proficient with deboning and plating it. He attempted to "olive oil-Bae" it though, through an amusingly jaded look. Anyways...olive oil, salt, garlic and a bit of rosemary - that's all there was to it and it was delicious.

Etna, grilled vegetables

Grilled vegetables on the side for the fish.

Etna, pistachio gelato

As much as I didn't want to admit it, Da Paolo's Gastronomia has nicer pistachio gelato than Etna. Sounds sad but that's what it was.

Etna, Duxton Road

Friday, February 03, 2023

Hapiha, Beauty World Food Centre

Hapiha, pork souvlaki

Hapiha (#04-55 Beauty World Center, 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, tel : +65 9236 2430) describe themselves to be mediterranean fast food which I guess is kinda accurate. The menu feels Greek to me. Anyways that's their pork souvlaki on pita.

I enjoyed the freshness of the food. Loved the hot pita, crisp vegetables and the refreshing tzatziki. But the pork was tougher than I liked - would have been great if they had used tenderloin instead of loin because the former probably the only cut of pork where those wooden fork/knife they provided could be useful. 🙃 Don't mind coming back though.

Hapiha, Beauty World Food Centre