Monday, July 15, 2024

Cenzo, Club Street

Cenzo, Club Street

Cenzo (81 Club Street, tel : +65 9155 8374) opened a couple of years back and is helmed a Drew Nocente, the force previously behind the kitchen at the defunct Salted & Hung. I was given the impression that there was a nose to tail representation they were cultivating back then but I'm not seeing that here in Cenzo. Anywayysss......

Cenzo, vitello tonnato

This was their vitello tonnato. The dish is traditionally Piedmontese and uses thinly sliced veal covered in tuna sauce. Cenzo's rendition uses grilled veal tongue. Damn. Fricking. Good. Nice sear going on the outside and tender on the inside.

Cenzo, lardo tigelle

That's lardo tigelle with truffle honey. Bread tasted freshly made and much lighter than appearances suggested. Delicious porcine meltiness with the sweetness of honey cut through with pickled fennel I think. Will be hard pressed not to want to get this again.

Cenzo, pastrami

Pastrami sandwich's pretty good. Meat's made in house and thinly sliced - more SweetSpot. than Katz's. Layered with slaw, pickles and in between some brioche-y bread. While I understand the acid, I prefer less of it. 

Cenzo, pappardelle ragu bianco

Awesome pappardelle white ragu. It's a rich cream version of a pasta Bolognese minus tomato, addition of guanciale among the minced veal along with liquorice notes from fennel seeds. Served piping hot. Nice. 👍🏼

Cenzo, risotto ai crostacei

Love the prawn risotto too. Stock infusion was thick with a rich crustacean sweetness coupled with some spiciness. Luxuriant is the appropriate word here. And charred prawns. 


Hmmm....charred prawns.

Cenzo, tiramisu

So we decided that it would be tiramisu.

Cenzo, tiramisu

Not bad. 

Cenzo, coffee

Coffee's decent.

Cenzo, Club Street

Would love to come back again.

Cenzo, Club Street

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Red bean paste and butter toast from Toast Box

Toast Box, red bean paste butter toast

Red bean paste and butter toast from Toast Box. Limited time thingy. Tasted much like how I thought it would but for one thing - that butter flavour was dominant compared to the red bean. Maybe more red bean paste would "correct the balance".

Crispy Mac ‘N Cheesy Wrap from McD

McDonald's, Crispy Mac ‘N Cheesy Wrap

Latest from McD. It's pretty much the same thing as their regular breakfast wrap with the hash brown inside replaced by a fried mac & cheese patty. Visually, they looked pretty similar. Couldn't tell the difference from a glance.

McDonald's, Crispy Mac ‘N Cheesy Wrap

Texturally, this was also similar to the regular breakfast wrap. The taste was where it mostly differed. This one has discernible nacho cheese flavour while the one with hash browns didn't and tasted has hash brown. I'm not ashamed to admit that I enjoyed it. 😬

McDonald's, Crispy Mac ‘N Cheesy Wrap

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Afternoon tea promotion luncheon meat scrambled egg sandwich from Tsui Wah

Tsui Wah, luncheon meat scrambled eggs sandwich

We came across Tsui Wah's afternoon tea deal by chance. 40% off a bunch of selected items between 2.30-5.30pm which included this luncheon meat and scrambled egg sandwich that normally goes for $6. It's $3.60 during said tea promotion. It was delicious. I've had them once previously from delivery order but that one was with steamed bread. This one was toasted. I maintain that one would still be hard pressed to find another same sandwich at their quality.

Friday, July 12, 2024

Even more food from So Good Char Chan Tang at 100AM

So Good Char Chan Tang, 100AM

Been a while since we dropped by So Good Char Chan Tang at 100AM.

So Good Char Chan Tang, lower quarter roast duck

Ordered the lower quarter of roast duck. Edible but not great. Meat's a bit stiff and much more bony than I remember of the limited lower quarters of ducks I've had before. Wasn't worth it in this case just for the drumstick.

So Good Char Chan Tang, double boiled milk

Double boiled milk was nicer tasting than it looked. Also nicer than what I remembered of them.

So Good Char Chan Tang, hor fun

We had their hor fun with prawns previously and the taste still holds up.

So Good Char Chan Tang, warm soya bean milk

Soya bean milk...heh heh.

So Good Char Chan Tang, steamed chicken lup cheong rice

Not bad steamed rice with chicken and lup cheong. The rice was actually better tasting than the one we had at Tim Ho Wan a couple of months back.

So Good Char Chan Tang, 100AM

Lee Shan (李汕), Bukit Merah View Hawker Centre

Lee Shan (李汕), bee hoon

Decent economic bee hoon from Lee Shan (#01-82 Bukit Merah View Hawker Centre, 115 Bukit Merah View). It didn't look like much but I guess it tasted better than it looked. Serviceable is the appropriate adjective here. Chilli's kinda generically sweet and spicy - didn't find myself swayed much towards the ends of the like/dislike spectrum. Luncheon meat's not great here as well but we'll have a good luncheon meat soon so stay tuned. The stall also sells radish cake but we didn't get any of those. 

Lee Shan (李汕), Bukit Merah View Hawker Centre