Saturday, February 29, 2020

So is it Fresh Taste or Noo Cheng?

Zion Road Food Centre prawn noodle

At this point, I'm still not sure if the stall is called Fresh Taste or Noo Cheng but I'm leaning towards the latter. We decided not to go for the big assed prawns this time round. So this bowl of prawn noodles costed half of what we paid the previous time and on hindsight, this was good enough. Those pork ribs were tender like those from good ba kut teh and I noticed that the pig skin had the flavour of soy sauce. Possibly because it was marinated? A very satisfying bowl. 

Zion Road Food Centre prawn noodle

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Ginza Anzu, Great World

Ginza Anzu, Great World

Ginza Anzu has shifted from their old premise at Japan Food Town to Great World (#01-113/114, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, tel  : +65 6262 3408). The current space looks more "open" compared to the previous one which I kinda liked better because it provided an illusion of privacy.

Ginza Anzu, scallops

Scallops were nice. Still rare inside the panko crust and still sweet. But to taste that sweetness, one would have to avoid their tartar sauce.

Ginza Anzu, ebi katsu

I mentioned previously that their ebi katsu was nice. That hasn't changed. Look at all those chunks of prawn. They have these ebi katsu in sandwiches for take away so I think I'm gonna get those some day.

Ginza Anzu, Ginjo pork

We wanted to see what was the Ginjo pork about. I'm not familiar with the name. According to what they said, it's a mixture of selection from selected farms and ageing that they perform that produces this quality of meat. We got the rosu. Meat was pink at the centre, tender and a little chewy. Very moist.

The meat also had a more porcine quality to the flavour as compared to most regular tonkatsu

Ginza Anzu, rice

Brown rice to go with the fried meat.

Ginza Anzu, white coffee pudding

Redeemed a free white coffee pudding from JPassport. This was actually pretty good. There was a lot more coffee flavour in spite of its tofu like appearances.

Ginza Anzu, Great World

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Hillman Restaurant, Kitchener Road

I found out about this place (135 Kitchener Road, tel : +65 6221 5073) years ago after having visited Manhill Restaurant a long while back. Yes, it's Manhill and Hillman. Same difference. 

I recalled liking the paper wrapped chicken (纸包鸡) from Manhill. I think Hillman here does it the same. Sweet, savoury and a hint of ginger that I didn't mind. The pieces of thigh meat were dripping with grease and juices. Leagues ahead of those from Union Farm Eating House.

Haven't had mui fan in years. This one was nice. Reminded me of those that I used to have as a kid. No excessively starchy gravy. Gravy had a simple but nice savoury flavour.

This was their claypot roasted pork belly and sea cucumber. The same dish that I had then at Manhill. Rather liked this too.

Because the mui fan was single serving and small portioned, we had to get some rice. So that I could mop up the grease from the 纸包鸡 on my plate and that the gravy from the claypot wouldn't be wasted as well.

Got the apple soup again. It's exactly like what I described at Manhill. Not one of the better Chinese fruit soups I've had.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Merci Marcel, Club Street

Merci Marcel, Club Street

It's not exactly news but Merci Marcel has a branch of their restaurant at Club Street (7-9 Club Street, tel : +65 6438 3913). The menu is a little different from the one at Tiong Bahru

Merci Marcel, raclette toast

Like these raclette toasts which were nice. Underneath the cheese was coppa, mushrooms and some gherkin puree. Bread's lightly toasted.

Merci Marcel, tarte flambee

Their tarte flambée toppings here were Bayonne ham, black cherry jam and Ossau-Iraty. Enjoyed munching this too.

Merci Marcel, cauliflower trilogy

This dish was called 'cauliflower trilogy'. Or 'three ways' as some restaurants would put it. There's the roasted one, the pureed ones at the bottom and some that were crunchy flakes. I think. Nicely done. Great pairing with the ham. I'd eat this again.

Merci Marcel, half cooked salmon

There's a half cooked salmon on menu. I'm impressed that with such thin slices, they've still managed to half cook it. I thought the passionfruit vinaigrette was a good idea. Croutons lent texture and hid the fact that you were munching on the passionfruit seeds.

Merci Marcel, Club Street

Monday, February 24, 2020

Xin Cuisine, Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Xin Cuisine, Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

I've been curious about Xin Cuisine (Level 4 Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, 317 Outram Road, tel : +65 3138 2531) for a while. Finally came for dim sum.

Xin Cuisine, radish cake

Their pan fried radish cake was pretty greasy. Without rehashing what I've previously been saying about how Imperial Treasure has set the bar for us (haha!), these weren't even close. In fact, I thought it looked amateur-ish. Like how I would cut or fry them. Couldn't finish these.

Xin Cuisine, har gow

Skin was a little thick on those har gow. But otherwise, it was okay. I think there might have been some roe in the dumplings beside the prawns.

Xin Cuisine, char siew bao

Char siew bao was not bad - if it was something I had bought from a neighbourhood pau shop. Skin was a little dense and the stuffings were a little dry and blah blah. For restaurant prices, I wouldn't spend money on it.

Xin Cuisine, siew mai

Couldn't put a finger to the odd flavour in the siew mai. Something tasted off (as siew mai flavours went). What exactly it was eluded me. Left one untouched.

Xin Cuisine, bbq pork puffs

These were bbq pork puffs with macadamia nuts. The bbq pork fillings were the same as the ones from the char siew pau. Puff pastry wasn't buttery and not prettily browned. I admit to being partially drawn to ordering this because of the nuts and I couldn't taste any of the macadamia.

Xin Cuisine, rice rolls

Their rice rolls were mediocre. No rice flavour in the rice sheets. Which I think is simply substandard for hotel restaurants.

Xin Cuisine, Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

The menu described pork neck stuffings. Couldn't taste any pork. If no one had told me, I wouldn't have known there was meat. The greasy flavour from the fried spring rolls in the rice sheets were the predominant flavour just below the mushrooms and soy sauce.  

Not coming back.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Inaniwa Yosuke, Japan Food Town @ Wisma Atria

Inaniwa Yosuke, seiro udon

Inaniwa Yosuke (#04-45 Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Road, tel : +65 6262 3279) belongs to the group of original shops that opened when Japan Food Town started a few years back. Their specialty is udon. Hand made for each batch through a process that takes 3-4 days if what I read were to be believed. The noodles are of the thinner variety as compared to say Tamoya Udon.

Inaniwa Yosuke, scallop kabosu udon

We got the seiro option and the scallop kabosu udon. The udon was smooth and had a nice chewiness to the bite. Was delicious with either the shoyu/goma dips or the lime/dashi broth from the scallop bowl. Scallops were sweet. I was thinking that less yuzu kosho would have allowed better clarity of the ingredients.

Inaniwa Yosuke, fried oysters

Not too bad kaki katsu. Oysters were creamy and tasty.

Inaniwa Yosuke

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Tendon kuey teow from Gubak Kia

Gubak Kia, tendon kuey teow

Here's a dry kuey teow bowl with beef tendons only. This time round, I didn't go overboard with the peanuts and simply inhaled it as they served it. Maybe with a little bit more chilli. Lovely. This tasted much like Empress Place.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Mooi Chin Place, Village Hotel Bugis

Mooi Chin Place, Village Hotel Bugis

Mooi Chin Place (#03-12A Village Hotel Bugis, 390 Victoria Street, tel : +65 6339 7766) is old school. Old school like AC/DC. Like how they're still around - relevant because of their presences and still able to belt out their craft with undeniable skill. And in the repertoire - gems be hiding. Though the audience that would appreciate them dwindles by the year and mostly these days, they're largely nostalgia. Once iconic, currently not so well understood and fading through the years.

I've only heard of Mooi Chin in the recent years though they've been around for decades. We're here today for that taste of nostalgia uncommon.

Mooi Chin Place, fried chicken dark soya sauce

We ordered their fried chicken with dark soya sauce because it looked interesting and we've never had anything like it. It wasn't a dish that was unimaginably wild or out there. The pairing just never occured to us. What arrived was exactly as the name described. Deep fried chicken slathered with dark soya sauce. The skin was very crisp but the meat was also a little hard and a little dry.

Mooi Chin Place, hainanese ox tongue stew

Hainanese styled ox tongue stew was in order (pun intended) because ox tongue. Those slices of tongue were tender sitting in a savoury brown sauce that had the flavour of cinnamon. I believe this is my first Hainanese styled ox tongue stew. Liked it. The execution looked tired, looked routine but I thought it was pretty delicious. This would have been good with steamed white rice. 

Mooi Chin Place, fish maw vegetables

This was from the vegetable section of the menu and was called 'fried fish maw with mixture'. Not descriptive at all. There's fish, some squid and prawns in there as part of the mixture. What we ordered this for was the cabbage which was sweet and that savoury broth that made this one of those dishes people would consider perfect pairing with white rice. Nice. This tasted homely.

Mooi Chin Place, hainanese pork chop

Mooi Chin's Hainanese pork chop differs from the others through the gravy that they use. This one was brown and flavoured by cinnamon, unlike the usual tomato based variety which tastes like they were made with ketchup. Never enjoyed much of those to be honest. This rendition I liked better. But they slathered it all over the pork so any crisp to the crust was lost pretty quickly.

Mooi Chin Place, chicken rice

Other than white rice, there's also chicken rice to be had because Mooi Chin also serve steamed chicken rice with cze char dishes; not dissimilar to Pow Sing, Chin Chin or Sin Swee Kee. Even Boon Tong Kee is set up that way. There's some flavour to that chicken rice. While I wouldn't say it's incompetent, there are nicer ones out there.

Mooi Chin Place, chilli sambal

That's the chicken rice chilli on the left with some heat and quite a bit of lime. It's okay. Very edible but there're better ones around. The sambal on the right is pretty good with the squeeze of lime. Good enough for me with white rice and their pork chops which would have already gotten soggy in a while.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

A B.L.A.T. from Bundt by The Backyard Bakers

Bundt by The Backyard Bakers, B.L.A.T.

I've never heard of these guys (#01-22 Havelock II, 2 Havelock Road) until recently. They don't exactly have a menu beyond what they update on Instagram. Most of the stuff are sandwiches and bakes; the latter appear to be mostly brownies which I've gotten a couple of to try. Picked up their B.L.A.T. (bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato) in between raisin toasts since I was getting the brownies. Not bad. Enjoyed it. Bacon was candied.

Bundt by The Backyard Bakers, B.L.A.T.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Shake Shack, Neil Road

Shake Shack, Neil Road

Shake Shack like Five Guys are the burger joint darlings of this era. It's firstly because most people here hadn't had them and have heard loads about how good they were. Secondly, they're now here. The other reason I believe was that there was truth to the chatter that they were really better than the other options that we have had. 

I've never tried nor bothered with the queue that was previously at Jewel. This newly opened one (#01-01, 89 Neil Road) was more convenient.

Shake Shack, double shackburger shackcago dog
Double ShackBurger with the creamy cheesiness that I liked and the Shack-cago Dog which I'm trying for the first time. Not bad. I seem to recall not being impressed with their fries previously. In fact, the one I had at Woodbury was outright mediocre. Today's fries were.....nice. Yes, that is indeed the ShackMeister ale in the corner. 

Shake Shack, pandan shake

Being a sucker for exclusives, I had to try the pandan shake. Even if it's an "exclusive" from my own country.

Shake Shack, pandan shake

We tried. At least I know I tried. That's the best two of us could do. It's that sweet. It's that bad. More coconut than pandan. Waste of money. Hong Kong's nai cha shake trumps this shit.

Shake Shack, Neil Road

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Fong Sheng Hao (豐盛號), Paya Lebar Quarter

Fong Sheng Hao (豐盛號), pork floss egg sandwich

I've read about this shop but never really gave them much though until I stumbled upon the shop (#B2-04 Paya Lebar Quarter, 10 Paya Lebar Road) by chance recently. The following thought that came to mind was that a sandwich and a coffee in the middle of a day never killed anyone. At least I don't know of any that did.

I was hoping for the pork floss to be less fine and also a little sweeter. Didn't expect the sandwich to be dripping condense milk. Wouldn't say that I disliked it but I wouldn't order this again. Don't mind trying the other sandwich options that they have if I happen to be nearby again though.

Coffee's drinkable stuff. Reminded me of the ones from Han's for some reason.