Saturday, February 15, 2020

An update at Nakajima Suisan

Nakajima Suisan, oyster rice

It's been a while since we ate at Nakajima Suisan. They've added some stuff to their menu which weren't there before.

Nakajima Suisan, akauo hiraki teishoku

I was reeled in by their akauo hiraki teishoku this time round.

Nakajima Suisan, akauo hiraki

The main reason was that I've learnt to appreciate this fish in the recent year. The fact that I've figured out a better way of eating them by stripping off the spine first helped. The other reason would be that there was something about the meat that reminded me of kinmedai.

Nakajima Suisan, oysters shishamo

There be oysters too and these grilled ones were pretty good. I'd get them again easily. But the shishamo today wasn't as egg stuffed as I was hoping for. Hmmmm......

Nakajima Suisan, gindara shioyaki

They even have gindara shioyaki these days. A refreshing change from the usual teriyaki version.

Nakajima Suisan

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