Monday, July 08, 2019

Revisiting Sushi Kou

Sushi Kou

It's a been a while since we last ate at Sushi Kou. Maybe not that long. A month back or so was the last. We landed ourselves counter seats today.

Sushi Kou, ankimo ponzu

We had ankimo ponzu while we waited. We tried this the last time we were here and thought it was good. Salty and light liver-y flavoured bits coupled with the bursts of citrus from the ponzu and flavour from the chopped negi.

Sushi Kou, akauo teishoku

Among the things we ordered, was their grilled akauo teishoku. Seasonal apparently.

Sushi Kou, akauo

Fish was firm and flaky with that light crustacean-y aroma that I enjoyed. Beware the dangerous bits of sharp bones that one would have to navigate.

Sushi Kou, sansai bonito

The teishoku came with some sansai bonito and miso soup on the side.

Sushi Kou, jelly

And what tasted like lychee jelly with nata de coco.

Sushi Kou, aka ebi lobster sauce

This was their aka ebi lobster sauce. The aka ebi was pan fried and served with a garlic-ky lobster cream sauce that was crazy creamy delicious. The heads of the prawns were filled with the head fat which oozed out into the cream sauce while I was extracting the meat. That head fat infused portions of the sauce tasted like it might stop one's heart.

Sushi Kou, hotate uni sauce

A second serving of rice was gotten because this. Hotate uni sauce.

Seared scallops with uni and ikura in an uni infused cream sauce. Hell yeah this was good too! There wasn't so much uni flavour in the sauce but that didn't stop it from being heart stopping good. Those uni on top of the scallops were cooked somehow. The texture has changed to something akin to crab roe. I liked it still though.

Sushi Kou

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