Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Back in ChoWon Garden

ChoWon Garden, Peck Seah Street

We haven't been eating at ChoWon Garden for quite a long while. Precisely the same thought I had the last time we were here.  

ChoWon Garden, banchan

The banchan arrived customarily after orders were taken. At first glance, they looked like they were run of the mill and indistinguishable from "the usual stuff that's served everywhere". But one of them actually featured red meat, I can't tell which, that tasted like babi pongteh with gochujang

ChoWon Garden, buchimgae

What truly surprised us pleasantly were cow lung egg fritters (buchimgae?). Certainly didn't expect to get those. Took a bit of chewing to get the flavours out. Nice.

ChoWon Garden, yukhoe chobap

That's their yukhoe chobap, a minced raw beef sushi drizzled generously with sesame oil. I thought this tasted pretty good.

ChoWon Garden, octopus pancake

Their nakji pajeon (octopus pancake) was not bad. A little greasy with bits of octopus tentacles, egg and spring onions mostly. Didn't look as fascinating as the picture on the menu though.

ChoWon Garden, beef brisket doenjang jigae

The other dish we had which was unexpectedly outstanding was their chadol doenjang jigae - a fermented bean paste stew with thinly sliced beef brisket. Vegetables and tofu inside as well. Flavour from the fermented bean broth with rendered fat from the brisket was addictively delicious. Perfect with a bowl of steamed rice. 

ChoWon Garden, Peck Seah Street

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