Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Lobsters & Ice Cream, Tanjong Pagar Plaza

Tried Lobsters & Ice Cream (#02-101, 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza) out of curiosity. I've always thought outcomes to be dicey whenever "affordable lobsters" are mentioned because there's usually a good reason why they're cheaper. 

We were given samples of their house made lime, mirin and tarragon ice cream. They tasted was mostly milky. There were the mentioned flavours that were hovering around that milkiness but none of them taking firm hold. Lime for me also doesn't work very well as a flavour for ice cream. Sorbet yes.

This was a seafood soup that came with our rolls. Clams were very good. Soup was pretty sweet. A mirin based sweetness with a light aroma from the bits of fried shallots. Didn't taste particularly seafood-y for a seafood soup.

Ratio of bun to fillings were poor. Bun was dry and a little crusty from the toasting without sufficient heat from the toaster and stingy application of butter. The lobster was okay but meat's only on the top part of the rolls. So there wasn't much lobster. 

For $29 this was about as expensive as Market Grill which costed less than twice as much taking into consideration that they (Market Grill obviously) had better buns, more lobster meat and nicer lobster meat. That pricing also puts Luke's buttery lobster rolls in the same ballpark. I remember paying the same $29 once at The Naked Finn (they're more expensive these days) and they tasted better. 

If I had wanted to pay less, Chunky Lobsters was way ahead of these guys at their game.

Components of the roll were sub par. They even thought it was worthwhile to save on something as low cost as butter which would have up their game without touching those lobsters.

Scallop rolls were okay. Nothing particularly outstanding and it suffered from the same poor bun to filling ratio. These rolls felt quite carb-y.

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