Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Feather Blade, Club Street

The Feather Blade, Club Street

New steak restaurant (90 Club Street) that only serves one cut of beef on their regular menu. The flat iron or a.k.a. feather blade. A cut from the chuck which is often described as tender as tenderloin but at a lower price. What is often omitted by those mentions is that it is also chewier than tenderloin. 

From what I gathered, The Feather Blade was started up by a guy who used to part time at The Flat Iron in the UK and took inspiration from them. As of now, the restaurant doesn't take reservations.

The Feather Blade

I don't remember if I've ever experienced this cut but it tasted much like flank. Beefy and pretty tender but with a less grainy texture. It's good with just salt and pepper but I got the horseradish cream on the side to see if it was any good. Lacked punch. I won't be getting it again.

The Feather Blade, creamed spinach mushrooms

Creamed spinach was delicious. Parmigiano Reggiano and a hint of nutmeg with cream on tender spinach. Nicely done if I might say so. Mushrooms were okay.

The Feather Blade, potatoes

Potatoes were not bad. I think they were fried in beef fat. The outside was crusty and crisp while the insides were mealy and soft. Not bad.

The Feather Blade, burger

There's a burger not on the menu with a patty that's made from the trimmings of their steak. What distinguished their burger was that the patty was deep fried in beef fat creating a crusty exterior - kinda like the meatballs that my grandmother used to make. The meat on the inside was of medium doneness. 

The Feather Blade, burger

They built their burger with the concept that it would have "none of that tomato, lettuce, cheese nonsense". While I didn't agree with the train of thought that paved the way to its creation, I was curious. Even if I generally wasn't a fan of Béarnaise which was pretty much the only topping apart from the shallots.

The texture was interesting to say the least. I liked the shallots. Did not enjoy the Béarnaise much as I had expected. I thought the flavour was overBéaring. The brioche, the onions and the patty all ended up pretty Béarnaise-y which in irony made it boring. A good salty cheese (think American, aged Cheddar or even one of the blue variety) would have been a much better option in my opinion.

The Feather Blade, Club Street

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