Saturday, July 13, 2019

Cabbage parcels, boiled beef and steckerlfisch from Brotzeit

Been a while since we were last here at this branch of Brotzeit. The menu appears to have changed. Some of the old stuff we liked are no longer on the menu.

Brotzeit, stuffed cabbage

I don't know if their stuffed cabbage was available previously. We've just noticed it. Minced pork and beef wrapped in cabbage in tomato sauce. Braised they say. The flavour was pretty clean. Just the meaty flavour from the mince, the slightly sweet cabbage and the tangy tomato gravy. Especially when the sour cream that it was served with was just a tiny dollop.

Brotzeit, boiled beef

We ordered the boiled beef to see if it was any good since the last time we've had anything similar was the tafelspitz at the defunct Kaiserhaus. This one was not as enjoyable. Supposed rib and oyster blade which were nowhere as tender as ones from Kaiserhaus. Not feeling this horseradish bread sauce which wasn't as tasty as the one Kaiserhaus. Yes, I've been repeating Kaiserhaus. They were so much better. I missed it. 

Brotzeit, steckerfisch

Steckerlfisch is fish grilled on a stick. Which was what this was. This one was on a.....hmmm, metal stick I guess. Just grilled mackerel like any other grilled mackerel. Nothing particularly special about it.

Brotzeit, Raffles City

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