Monday, November 28, 2016

Eating like an emperor at Kaiserhaus

Kaiserhaus, Capitol Piazza

The following Kaiserhaus meal Essen wie ein Kaiser was apparently a favourite of Kaiser Franz Josef I, former emperor of Austria if the literature in the menu were to be believed.

Kaiserhaus, linguine lemon butter foie gras

This first plate was not part of that. This was a linguine in lemon butter with duck foie gras starter which we though would be a nice addition to the meal. The liver was very tasty and oozing with rendered fat.  

Kaiserhaus, beef rump and oyster blade

The main item in the Essen wie ein Kaiser was the tafelspitz - beef rump and oyster blade served in a copper pot with beef bouillon and mixed root vegetables.

Kaiserhaus, spinach rosti horseradish

Accompanying that were their very delicious buttery rosti, a garlicky creamed spinach and horseradish sauce. The latter was awesome. It was like the non-cream version of Lawry's horseradish cream for their prime rib. There were equal parts to the sharpness and sweetness.

Kaiserhaus, liver dumpling

There were dumpling options for the beef broth in the pot. I picked the leberknödel - liver dumpling.

Kaiserhaus, liver dumpling

Here be the obligatory look at the tasty dumpling in the broth.

Kaiserhaus, bone marrow butter bread

The beef bouillon came with a couple of bone marrow. So bone marrow, butter and bread. Mmmmm...

Kaiserhaus, oyster blade

This was what a prettied plate of the food looked like. That's the oyster blade which was tender and delicious. Made extra delicious with their horseradish which I couldn't get over.

Kaiserhaus, raspberry truffle

Dessert wasn't part of the Essen wie ein Kaiser so we ordered a slice of their raspberry truffle to end. 

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