Thursday, November 24, 2016

Kaiserhaus, Capitol Piazza

From what I could gather from their website, Kaiserhaus (#02-06/#03-06, Capitol Piazza, tel : +65 6377 0013) offers a culinary representation from the former Habsburg Empire - a big assed dominion that spanned nations in Europe which had its capital in both Vienna and Prague. Nations including the one Dracula came from.

While on the surface the restaurant claimed that culinary representation, it probably was just a very small fraction of that representation. From my limited perspective, there were Slavic/German/Austrian influences. Couldn't see any from the Italian counterparts that used to be part of the said empire.

But hey...  

That's the salon beuschel, an old styled Viennese ragout made with veal hearts and lungs. This was awesome. We could smell the offal from the first scoop and it came in generous portions of small manageable shreds with its meaty aroma. This stuff was served with bread dumpling. I could come back just for this alone.

We had their tafelspitzsulze - beef aspic. While this wasn't too bad, it had been outshone by the salon beuschel.

 The aspic came with bread on the side.

There were some fried mushrooms as well, courtesy of their happy hour beers.

This was the first time we've had veal schnitzel. This one looked cute. It had a wrinkly fried skin that reminded us of shar pei. Since it was veal, there wasn't much on the flavour from the meat. But wait - a squeeze of lemon on the side and a smear of their cranberry ragout, it was all good. Remember to ask for extra cranberry ragout.

The schnitzel was served with their vinegared potato salad. Simple and tasty.

From their Game Weeks menu, we had venison steak. Gamey tender loin served at medium doneness which for me didn't need the accompanying sauce. The bacon wrapped around it had already provided a nice smoky flavour. I shouldn't forget to mention that those red cabbage on the side were nice too. Are those rotkohl? And chestnuts - this plate tasted like Christmas.

We ended with an apple strudel. I had initially thought that this didn't need the vanilla sauce but ended up using most of it because those apples turned out to be quite sour.

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