Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Grill Master burger from Hungry Jacks at Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport, Hungry Jacks, grill master burger

Hungry Jacks has a range of burgers which they group under Grill Masters. We assumed that these would be their premium burgers from how much they were charging and that how there were almost similar to the regular menu items but with allegedly better quality ingredients.

Melbourne Airport, Hungry Jacks, Angus bacon cheese burger

We tried a Angus, Bacon and Cheese burger. It was surprisingly not bad at all. Not Royal Stacks good but it's better than what one would normally expect from BK. The beef quality was definitely a notch up from what we could taste. The cheddar cheese tasted better than the regular one and it came with a brioche-y bun rather than the old sesame seed ones.

Melbourne Airport, Hungry Jacks, whopper

Compare with the regular "drier" looking Whopper - one can see how have the mighty fallen. Well, now we know what we'll be getting if we ever need to grab a bite at the transit area of the airport.

Melbourne Airport, Hungry Jacks, paper bag

Briyani feat. The Crystal Method

Crystal's briyani

This dum briyani was made with love by a friend who had been hosting us for the past week. Since none of you will ever get to taste how good it was, there's no point in me describing.

Crystal's briyani

Thanks Crystal.

Crystal's briyani

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Asado, Southbank, Melbourne

Asado, Southbank, Melbourne

This Argentinian/Spanish restaurant (Riverside Quay, Southbank, Melbourne, tel : +61 3 9088 8600) came by recommendation of friends. The menu consisted mostly of sharing plates and grilled meats and was pretty good. These guys have one of the better sangria I've had plus I'm of the opinion that they rivalled and likely outdid the experiences at Bochinche and Salta.

Asado, salt cod croquettes

Taking lead with the small plates was some salted cod croquettes with pickled fennel, sour cream and dill.

Asado, empanadas

Followed by empanadas stuffed generously with minced beef, olives and boiled eggs.

Asado, ceviche

Their white fish ceviche was refreshingly flavoured.

Asado, grilled beef tongue

Then came the lengua - thinly sliced grilled beef tongue topped with chimichurri.

Asado, provoleta Oloroso soaked raisins

Loved the salty provoleta which was topped with Oloroso soaked raisins.

Asado, morcilla

Couldn't pass on those morcilla. Spiced blood sausages if anyone was wondering.

Asado, conchinillo

From the restaurant's asado, slow roasted Western Plains suckling pig of various cuts and very crispy skin. These were from pigs that were allegedly raised outdoors without artificial growth hormones on a primary diet of wheat and barley. It was a very delicious pork, nicely grilled and amazing with those jus that came with the serving.

Asado, flank steak Rangers Valley grain fed

They also had some pretty good quality and nicely grilled Rangers Valley grain fed flank here.

Asado, brussels sprouts manchego cream raisins

And for the obligatory greens - roasted Brussels sprouts with Manchego cream, raisins and hazelnuts. One should never mistaken obligatory with healthy. But this sure was tasty.

Asado, fried potatoes

Starch was some fried russet potatoes which were essentially patatas bravas.

Asado, Southbank, Melbourne

Monday, October 29, 2018

Getting food from South Melbourne Market

Melbourne, South Melbourne Market

Last year, it was Dandenong Market. This year, it's the South Melbourne Market (Coventry St & Cecil Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205).

Melbourne, South Melbourne Market, Rod's orange juice

One of the things we were arrested by right at the start was the scent of oranges at the fruit stall.

Melbourne, South Melbourne Market, orange juice

Bought a litre bottle for $6. Lovely orange juice.

Melbourne, South Melbourne Market, oyster bar

The stalls with seafood looked good. We hit this one for a start.

Melbourne, South Melbourne Market, lobster potato salad oranges

That was a lobster and potato salad with oranges. Not bad.

Melbourne, South Melbourne Market, scallops unagi sushi kingfish sashimi

Followed by a unagi sushi, some scallops and kingfish sashimi.

Melbourne, South Melbourne Market, Aptus seafood stall

And moved on to the fresh seafood stall for more stuff.

Melbourne, South Melbourne Market, St Helen's oysters

Like these really awesome St. Helen's oysters that were sweet, creamy and packed with that briny flavour.

Melbourne, South Melbourne Market, south melbourne seafoods

Next stop was South Melbourne Seafoods.

Melbourne, South Melbourne Market, sashimi uni Smoky Bay oysters

Where we went through a tray of sashimi, some Smoky Bay oysters and a sea urchin.  Speaking of which, the sea urchin was unlike what I've had before. The floral element of the flavour was very strong. For some reasons, the whole of its flavours reminded me of lavender and pee. Yes, it was very strange. I'm not sure how I felt about it.

Melbourne, South Melbourne Market, gozleme

Followed up with some gozleme. These weren't as good as the ones that we had at Dough Works at Dandenong. 

Melbourne, South Melbourne Market, pie shop

We had thought that the pies from the market were warm but the display shelvings were actually the refrigeration type. That, we had only found out after buying the pies.

Melbourne, South Melbourne Market, pies

So we brought them cold pies back and put them into the oven.

Melbourne, South Melbourne Market, pork pie

Loved the pork pie. Was hearty and delicious. I detected a light rosemary in it. That was all I was able to identify from the flavouring.

Melbourne, South Melbourne Market, curry lamb pie

Curry lamb pie was also pretty good.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Royal Stacks, Collins Street, Melbourne CBD

Melbourne, Royal Stacks, burgers

I read about Royal Stacks a while ago. What piqued my interest was that I had thought that their burgers sounded suspiciously similar to Shake Shack or Omakase Burger. Albeit one that was "made down under" if you got my drift. 100% Australian GMO free beef American styled burgers. They were even priced quite similarly.

These guys even have an app for their shop.

Melbourne, Royal Stacks, bacon bacon

I got a Bacon Bacon which was basically a bacon double cheese burger with caramelized onions. This was a pretty nice burger. Crusty patty and salty yellow cheddar with bacon. The onions were delicious in a way that added to the burger rather than detracted from it. I'd rank it as one of the better fast food burgers I've had - up there with Burger Project

Melbourne, Royal Stacks, Nutella shake

Their Nutella shake was sadly a waste of money. That shake had very little body just like melted ice cream and felt limp. I know it's not the best choice of words for a shake but this particular one was weak. I thought the flavour was a little peanut buttery and a little chocolate-y but not exactly Nutella-y. If that was any indication of their other flavours which I suspect to be the case, well..... 

Melbourne, Royal Stacks

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Hopetoun Tea Rooms, The Block Arcade, Melbourne CBD

Melbourne, Hopetoun Tea Rooms

We chanced upon Hopetoun Tea Rooms (The Block Arcade, 1-2/282 Collins St, Melbourne, tel : +61 03 9650 2777) - a Victorian-esque styled tea place after stumbling into The Block Arcade via one of the alleys last year. The queue looked a little insane so we made a mental note to return another time. We came over a little earlier in the day this time round and managed to get a table just before the queue started forming.

Melbourne, Hopetoun Tea Rooms, Vienna coffee

Vienna coffee for me. 

Melbourne, Hopetoun Tea Rooms, Vienna coffee

It was a stiffer brew than I had expected (I came with little expectations) and I actually enjoyed it.

Melbourne, Hopetoun Tea Rooms, lobster ravioli

Their lobster ravioli looked like wanton. The cognac "scent" in the bisque was also kinda faint. Not one of the better sauces of its kind around by any stretch of imagination but we didn't really come here for their food.

Melbourne, Hopetoun Tea Rooms, lamb fillet

There was a lamb fillet sliced up on some smoky babaghanoush. Not too bad.

Melbourne, Hopetoun Tea Rooms, seafood linguine

We were told that the seafood linguine was a popular choice. It tasted ordinary. 

Melbourne, Hopetoun Tea Rooms, sandwiches

Their sandwiches tasted pretty much like how they looked. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Melbourne, Hopetoun Tea Rooms, black forest cake

We had a black forest slice. Not bad. Not as good as Atout's or Stuttgart's though.

Melbourne, Hopetoun Tea Rooms, Fig Delight

This cake which was called Fig Delight was also not bad. It has a base that tasted like carrot cake which had spices going on.

Melbourne, Hopetoun Tea Rooms, mirror

Friday, October 26, 2018

France-Soir, South Yarra, Melbourne

France-Soir, South Yarra, Melbourne

France-Soir (11 Toorak Road, South Yarra, Melbourne, tel : +61 3 9866 8569) came recommended for old school brasserie styled French food down at the South Yarra.

France-Soir, menu

Here's a peek at what the restaurant offered.

France-Soir, bread

We were brought some fresh warm baguette with butter which were promptly refilled whenever they were emptied.

France-Soir, escargot

Escargots were....just escargots. I was never much into them and most of time they tasted mostly the same to me.

France-Soir, tripe au riesling

We ordered their tripes au riesling because it was described on the menu as tripe cooked in a tomato and Riesling sauce. Instead, it came with what tasted like minestrone soup. We felt deceived. This was disappointing. 

France-Soir, fried lamb brains

However the fried lamb brains were delicious. A crisp batter shell with creamy brains beneath, crispy capers and some buttery sauce. I'd come back here just for these.

France-Soir, lamb cutlets

Lamb cutlets were very competently done pink. Delicious and left one wanting more because of the petite portions

France-Soir, magret de canard

Their magret de canard was sweet. Sweet like I've never had duck breast before.

France-Soir, creme brulee

France-Soir's crème brûlée was outstanding. The creamy custard beneath the torched sugar shell was velvety and delicious.

France-Soir, tarte tartin

Tarte tartin was not bad. These ones had pretty chunky apples.

France-Soir, cafe royal

Finished with a café royal that had too little cognac.

France-Soir, South Yarra