Sunday, October 28, 2018

Royal Stacks, Collins Street, Melbourne CBD

Melbourne, Royal Stacks, burgers

I read about Royal Stacks a while ago. What piqued my interest was that I had thought that their burgers sounded suspiciously similar to Shake Shack or Omakase Burger. Albeit one that was "made down under" if you got my drift. 100% Australian GMO free beef American styled burgers. They were even priced quite similarly.

These guys even have an app for their shop.

Melbourne, Royal Stacks, bacon bacon

I got a Bacon Bacon which was basically a bacon double cheese burger with caramelized onions. This was a pretty nice burger. Crusty patty and salty yellow cheddar with bacon. The onions were delicious in a way that added to the burger rather than detracted from it. I'd rank it as one of the better fast food burgers I've had - up there with Burger Project

Melbourne, Royal Stacks, Nutella shake

Their Nutella shake was sadly a waste of money. That shake had very little body just like melted ice cream and felt limp. I know it's not the best choice of words for a shake but this particular one was weak. I thought the flavour was a little peanut buttery and a little chocolate-y but not exactly Nutella-y. If that was any indication of their other flavours which I suspect to be the case, well..... 

Melbourne, Royal Stacks

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