Sunday, January 23, 2011

Home made grilled cheese sandwich

The magic of wholemeal bread, shredded cheddar, a questionable amount of butter in bed together on a hot frying pan. I'm going to use raisin bread the next time for the next cosmic alignment.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas lunch at Bedrock

This blog is not yet dead!

But this entry is definitely late in the coming as lately, real life has wrapped its reel more tightly about things as I battle to fight for breathing room. But let's get to the food.

We decided to pick up the offer from Bedrock out of numerous emails because we had a good meal from the previous visit and we definitely had hopes that this would not be far from the experience we had from that first visit.

The piping hot and freshly baked flat bread which Bedrock serves has not changed. Exactly how we remembered them to be with the soft buds of garlic and salted butter. Needless to say, we had seconds and even thirds.

Yukon potato soup - truffle cream

The comforting and creamily textured potato soup was really just buffed by the truffle cream which performed admirably with their truffle-y flavors. I couldn't say that the soup was out of this world, but the flavors from the fungus worked enough of it's magic that I've had to admit that it was a pretty decent soup. Yukon potatoes or not.

pumpkin risotto - braised duck, confit tomato, shaved parmigianno reggiano

Their pumpkin risotto turned out to be much better than it appeared on plate in the department of taste. To their credit, the flavors of the pumpkin was identifiable in the creamy rice and it paired off very nicely to that "sweet and salty" effect from the gravy that came with the braised duck. If this item had ended up in the regular menu, I certainly wouldn't mind ordering them again.

steamed seabass - sauteed asparagus, balsamic reduction, boneless short ribs

The steamed seabass looked like it might have been seared a little as well instead of just steamed. I'm not overly big on fishes most of the time, but I would have to say that I liked this. The texture of the meat was nicely preserved where the meat didn't just crumble and dissolve in the mouth. Simply flavored too, was it with nothing short of salt and pepper. I didn't quite understand why a braised short rib came along, but it was surprisingly well done. That melted in the mouth.

duck fat potatoes

We just had to order up the fried potatoes to side up the other items we had. Notice the golden yellows and dark browned edges. It tasted as good as it looked without excessive grease.

steamed banana pudding - vanilla bean ice cream, brandied cherry

We were honestly getting quite stuffed from the food and extra orders of the flat bread earlier. Lacking the capacity of a four stomach cow, I sometimes forget to accommodate space. What would usually impress me about a dessert would be their ability to make me still finish them even when I feel stuffed. This was definitely one of those. It was a suitably soft banana pudding. I guess what helped out there was that the pudding and the large scoop of ice cream weren't too sweet and the tart cherries and sauce helped get me going. Yes, and the gooseberry too.