Sunday, June 30, 2024

Revisiting Nummun Thai Kitchen

Nummun Thai Kitchen

Back at Nummun Thai Kitchen. We got a table as soon as they were open for dinner service. Shortly after that, a queue had formed outside. That queue had gotten even longer when we were leaving. 😅

Nummun Thai Kitchen, tom kha gai

Pretty creamy tom kha gai and delicious one as well filled with chunky chopped up pieces of chicken thigh meat. Broth was a rich concoction of sweet, savoury and tanginess. This was the second orange hued tom kha rendition we've encountered after E-Sarn Thai Corner.

Nummun Thai Kitchen, stir fried kailan

Stir fried kailan minus pork belly. The original dish came with those and the order app allowed omission of the meat. Sweet. Kailan were stir fried in a light oyster sauce so it was the typical sweet and savoury taste.

Nummun Thai Kitchen, crab omelette

This was the crab omelette which we did not successfully get the last time.

Nummun Thai Kitchen, crab omelette

It was as good as it looked - I was half expecting those crab chunks to be relatively tasteless but they had real crab flavour in them. Loved it with or without their nam jim.

Nummun Thai Kitchen, salt baked sea bass

Salt baked sea bass required a 45 minute preparation time. Was nicely done. Underneath the leathery skin, the meat had all the moisture locked in.

Nummun Thai Kitchen, red ruby

Don't remember the last time I had a red ruby but I liked this rendition. I always had the idea that it wouldn't be something that I enjoyed but this one was pretty likeable. Did not expect jackfruit but I'm not complaining.

Nummun Thai Kitchen

Saturday, June 29, 2024

Yappari Steak, VivoCity

Yappari Steak, VivoCity

Yappari Steak (#02-110 VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk) is a new-ish hot stone steak/beef place from Okinawa. We got ourselves a couple of their hot stone steaks and some other stuff.

Yappari Steak, gyu suji

Like their gyu suji nikomi; or beef tendon stew. Japanese beef tendon stew isn't a hundred percent tendon - there's also meat in it. This one was was beefy, savoury yet a little bit sweet and I thought I detect a tiny hint of ginger in it.

Yappari Steak, gyu suji rice

Paired pretty well with the free flow of rice that came with orders of their hot stone steaks. A bit of tendon, a bit of meat and a bit of fat makes good toppings.

Yappari Steak, gyu suji rice

Add some wasabi, mix and you get something awesomely beefy and nose piercing.

Yappari Steak, beef tallow mentai mayo fries

And then there were curly fries because it was mentioned that those were fried in beef tallow. Couldn't tell from the taste but those fries were nice. Even better with their punchy mentai mayo on the side. Yappari Steak has gotten us carb loading even before the meats were served. 😅

Yappari Steak, yappari top blade

The 'Yappari Steak' is a top blade cut. Which is also known as flat iron. Lean but flavour packed and reminded me of hanger. This was 300g. Meat was rare in the middle but you could get it to the doneness you prefer on that hot stone.

Yappari Steak, nakaochi karubi

Nakaochi karubi is rib finger - meat strips between the rib bones. 200g here. Less iron-y than the Yappari and more flavour from the fat. Also a bit more sinewy. Not bad tasting. Noticed that these were served with paper towels on top of them to minimize the grease splatters.

Yappari Steak

Soup and salad arrived much later. They overlooked. Both are bottomless as well. Soup's kinda nice with plenty of pepper. Both meats were good with the sauces, wasabi or just salt and pepper. Don't mind coming back. Would be great if they could improve on ventilation though. 

Yappari Steak
Yappari Steak, VivoCity

Friday, June 28, 2024

The La Nonna pizza, scallop saffron risotto, misinterpreted bruschetta and mullings....from La Nonna

La Nonna, Holland Village

I've sometimes wondered what kept La Nonna in business all these years. Maybe it's their loyal customers. The food is passable. They're not bad tasting per se mostly but it also mostly wasn't memorable. 'Mostly' because I remember their squid ink and cinq formaggi pizzas with some fondness. The rest of the stuff I've had from before were things I didn't even deem worthy of a picture. Not to mention that service from their more veteran staff sometimes feels like attitude coming from somebody's crabby la nonna - 🤔..., maybe that's the reason why the name of the restaurant.💡 

La Nonna, bruschetta

I didn't think it was incorrect to interpret that their bruschetta would have a combined topping of what was described in the menu. Tomatoes, sautéed porcini, goat cheese and truffle paste.

La Nonna, bruschetta

This was what they served. Not that any of them was bad tasting but it was way more bread-y than I was expecting. Would not have gotten this if we had known.

La Nonna, la nonna pizza parma ham

That's the La Nonna pizza - their signature pizza. Topped it up with Parma ham. Not bad but I think this was one of those times when I found the truffle paste tiring. It's that one element that didn't age well.

La Nonna, saffron risotto scallops

The saffron risotto with scallops was delicious. Nice stock umami with cheesiness in rice that had the saffron flavour I was looking forward to. Love the browning on the scallops and those fish eggs on top. This I don't mind coming back for.

La Nonna, Holland Village
La Nonna, Holland Village


Thursday, June 27, 2024

Peach Garden, Thomson Plaza

Peach Garden, Thomson Plaza

It's been a long time since we've eaten at Peach Garden. This could be our first time at this branch in Thomson Plaza (#01-88 Thomson Plaza, 301 Upper Thomson Road, tel : +65 6451 3233). We had dim sum. The impression we had overall was that they were pretty competent. Nothing much in particular was out of the ordinary.

Peach Garden, siew mai

Peach Garden, char siew cheung fun

Peach Garden, char siew bao

Peach Garden, har gao

Peach Garden, steam pork ribs black bean

Peach Garden, mango prawn fritters

Peach Garden, egg tarts

Peach Garden, fried rice baby abalone roast pork

This was a small portion for their baby abalone and roasted pork fried rice. $30. Their small portion by the way feeds 3 sufficiently with dim sum or 2 comfortably otherwise. Those baby abalones didn't have much flavour but the roast pork were delicious and nicely salted.

Peach Garden, custard bun 流沙奶油包

流沙包's not bad.

Peach Garden, vegetarian sauerkraut dumpling

These were vegetarian sauerkraut dumpling. There's coriander in them. Otherwise, they were a little spicy and sour which didn't seem apparent on appearances.

Peach Garden, orh nee coconut

Orh nee in coconut - coconut milk was thick and creamy while yam paste was fragrant. I'm not sure if it's shallot oil. There're two versions of this dessert. The other doesn't come in a coconut. You get to scrape the coconut meat of the insides of the fruit for this one.

Peach Garden, pulut hitam ice cream

Pulut hitam with ice cream was also pretty good.

Peach Garden, custard bun 流沙奶油包

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Prata with coconut chutney and sugar from Anwar's Kitchen

Anwar's Kitchen, prata coconut chutney

The coconut chutney usually accompanies thosai, vadai and idli. We had this with prata at Anwar's Kitchen. Chutney's lightly salted, coconut-y and with a little bit of spice. Wasn't an odd pairing with prata - just not usual. Sugar with prata has been a thing here since...I was a kid so it's the next natural thing. What's not usual is sugar mixed with said coconut chutney on prata. 👍🏼 I gotta do this again someday.

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Pandan cheese milk martabak from Smile Martabak

Smile Martabak, smile martabak

Finally got to try a sweet martabak from Smile Martabak (#02-34 Funan, 107 North Bridge Road). This was the pandan cheese milk - product photos looked somewhat better. Pancake felt kinda thick compared to the fillings so it ended up feeling floury. Cheese also tasted really cheap. Not impressed. Prefer those at JTown Cafe.

Stinky Roll from 99 Old Trees

99 Old Trees, stinky roll

So these Stinky Rolls were pretty much the only thing from the menu at 99 Old Trees we haven't tried yet. Until now that is. They're good. Pretty generous layering of some sort of creamy mao shan wang custard in there.

Monday, June 24, 2024

Wagyu beef broth ramen from Keisuke Plus

Keisuke Plus, wagyu beef broth ramen

I did not like this bowl from Keisuke Plus as much as the other wagyu broth from Mashi no Mashi. While it did taste beefy at the start, the flavour suffered from diminishing returns. It got less beefy as we went through the bowl. Noodles were also too soft for their 'hard' option.

Keisuke Plus, wagyu beef broth ramen

Wagyu's thin sliced and pretty tender.  See that lump of minced ginger camouflaged in there? I did not like it. Why would that be necessary if the key component to this bowl was the wagyu. Did not make sense to me.

Keisuke Plus, wagyu beef broth ramen

There's a wonton hidden in it. I'm assuming it's beef as well but the dominant flavour that got through was sesame oil. Tasted very Chinese. Now that I've tried it, I know. Will not be getting this again.

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Mee kia from Ah Seng Teo Chew Minced Meat Noodle (亞誠潮州肉脞面)

Ah Seng Teo Chew Minced Meat Noodle (亞誠潮州肉脞面), mee kia

Tried the mee kia bowl from Ah Seng Teo Chew Minced Meat Noodle. Saucing was pretty dry today. Noodles were a little soft. Will likely stick to the mee pok in the future. They've also removed the option for portions so it's just $6 bowls now.

Ah Seng Teo Chew Minced Meat Noodle (亞誠潮州肉脞面)

Uncle Peter Hokkien Mee, Lengkok Bahru

Uncle Peter Hokkien Mee

Don't know who Uncle Peter (#01-387, 55 Lengkok Bahru) is. The Hokkien mee was okay tasting. Not as dry as Hainan Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee which is the style I prefer.  Nothing about it was outstanding. What got me through the plate were the squeeze of lime, the sambal and those fragrant crispy fried lard. Would have gotten monotonous if not for those. The coffeeshop seems to have seen rotation of the tenants. Sim Lim Square Bak Chor Mee and 6th Avenue Nasi Lemak are no longer around. 

Uncle Peter Hokkien Mee, Lengkok Bahru

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Mee (歐南園炒粿條麵), Hong Lim Food Centre

Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Mee (歐南園炒粿條麵)

The mark of a master stems from the ability, the will and the exercise of both in their craft. Sounds fancy but I think that appeared to be the way with Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Mee (#02-17 Hong Lim Food Centre, 531A Upper Cross Street). One of the basic premise of those mastery is oil control which I found is excellent here. Not excessive yet sufficient.

For context, I've known of their existence for a long time and have never entertained the thought of queueing for a plate of their char kuey teow. Today was happenstance. There were two people in the queue so we thought, why not?

It's not bad tasting. This was the $4.50 plate. Like I mentioned, not excessively greasy. Can't discern the wok hei. No lup cheong because they don't do that. I requested for no hum. This plate has chilli. Tastier than it looked with a moderated sweetness from the dark soya sauce.

Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Mee (歐南園炒粿條麵), Hong Lim Food Centre