Tuesday, June 11, 2024

E-Sarn Thai Corner, Pasir Panjang Road

E-Sarn Thai Corner, Pasir Panjang Road

E-Sarn (130 Pasir Panjang Road, tel : +65 6473 3716) is yet another one of those eateries we've passed by on countless occasions and haven't had the chance to eat at. Until now. Food was pretty darned good and I liked what we had more than I imagined I would.

E-Sarn Thai Corner, pomelo salad

Pomelo salad's nice. Love the toasted coconut sprinkled over. Will get the larger portion the next time.

E-Sarn Thai Corner, mango salad

Som tam mamuang enjoyable also. It's a little more refine that what I recall from some of those the street stalls in Bangkok. Didn't mean it wasn't any good. There was a crisp crunch from the shredded green mango with sweetness from the lime/sugar that's further aromatized by dried shrimp and peanuts. Will get the larger portion the next time as well.

E-Sarn Thai Corner, steamed olive rice

This was steamed olive rice with minced pork. Olive's chopped up with the minced pork. It's a layer of texturized umami saltiness over the rice which made it so delicious.

E-Sarn Thai Corner, tom kha talay

Their tom kha talay was a little redder than what I'm used to seeing. It's also a little thinner but still within my boundary of delicious. Pieces of squid in it were tender like fish cakes. Good for returns.

E-Sarn Thai Corner, cha om omelette

Enjoyed their cha om omelette as well. That accompanying sambal on the side was shrimpy and had a good kick to it.

E-Sarn Thai Corner, salt baked sea bass

Also had one of the more memorable salted baked sea bass I can recall. Underneath that dried skin was moist fish meat. Nice.

E-Sarn Thai Corner, tapioca coconut milk

Steamed tapioca was good. Sweet but not excessively so and paired nicely with that bit of saltiness the creamy coconut sauce.

E-Sarn Thai Corner, mango glutinous rice

Love those mangoes they used with their glutinous rice. This was a good one. Why haven't we discovered this place earlier?!

E-Sarn Thai Corner, Pasir Panjang Road

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