Thursday, June 13, 2024

Sando, Alexandra Technopark

Sando, Alexandra Technopark

Have been wanting to check out Sando (#01-04/04A The Hub, Alexandra Technopark, 438C Alexandra Road) for a while. We were there on a Saturday that happened to be raining pretty heavily. The place felt almost serene hidden from easy access.

Sando, dirty hojicha

Dirty hojicha - drinkable. Wouldn't bother with it again since neither hojicha nor coffee were particularly strong or outstanding. 

Sando, hake

The ingredient listing on the menu for the hake sando sounded good but in the end, I only tasted the fish, tartar sauce and the blueberry chilli jam. Fish reminded me of the most popular fish sandwich you could think of and we're probably thinking the same. Would love for this to have more of the blueberry chilli jam for the hot and sticky sweet feel but that's me. 😂 Not bad.

Sando, Alexandra Technopark

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