Sunday, September 26, 2021

Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House - a return to Gemmill Lane

Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House, Gemmill Lane

We've only eaten at Luke's at Gemmill Lane once. That was the first time. That original location was two doors down from here. Before it for a while became Wolf and then Angeleno for too short a time. Technically this was a first visit in this setup (22 Gemmill Lane, tel : +65 8125 5256). Classy looking like they've always been. Less white than the original space two doors down, less dark than my preferred location in town.

Take a time jump the previous occasions we ate at their restaurant. (, , , , , , , )

Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House, corn bread

There's whispers from a little bird that the corn bread is smaller these days.

Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House, corn bread

I didn't notice, couldn't tell. As far as I am concerned, they've been too small since day one. They still taste good though.

Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House, tenderloin

Their steak fries for lunch is generally reliable and delicious. Down to the salad because it was properly tossed with just enough dressing. I swapped out the fries for the coleslaw which is my favourite coleslaw in this country. Bar none as of now. Creamy, tangy and fennel-y without being excessive.

Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House, tenderloin

Their steak comes with Béarnaise. Have never been much for that. Today was different. It was a lot more buttery than I remember of Béarnaise. I've found something else to like it seems.

Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House, Gemmill Lane

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Mee pok at Covent Garden Prawn Noodle

Covent Garden Prawn Noodle, mee pok

So this time it was mee pok. Got a $4 bowl with extra ingredients. The extra was a dollar more which adds up to $5. Again, I asked for no pork which they registered this time.

They've given me prawns with tail shells so I guess the "larger" bowls come with that. Still 3 prawns though. Maybe a bit more fish cakes as well. I'm not feeling the extra ingredients here unless that additional dollar I paid for was for a few more slices of fish cake. These prawns weren't of better quality than the shelled ones. So essentially I felt like I'm getting a $4 bowl minus pork and a bit more fish cakes. Confused? You're not alone.

The queue has visibly lessened since they've reopened and something has changed though I don't know exactly what. I'd say they're of decent standards and nothing more.

Friday, September 24, 2021

What Miznon keeps (in Davy Jones' Locker)

Miznon, fennel

No, not the fennel. Not that particular locker that is. We managed to get counter seats at Miznon today.

Miznon, masabaha

Ordered a portion of their masabaha. Cooked chickpeas with chilli, tomatoes, tahini, hard boiled eggs and maybe olive oil too. I liked how they salted this.

Miznon, fish and chips

We tried a couple of their seafood stuffed pitas. This was fish & chips which featured seared barramundi and fried potatoes. Loved the tanginess from the vinegar and pickles pairing with the creamy aioli on the fish. 

Miznon, adom yam

The other, Adom Yam, had seared calamari; not forgetting loads of sweet crunchy onions with sour cream. The sauce that soaked into the pita was savoury and peppery. Another delicious one as well.

Miznon, Stanley Street

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Famous Queens Briyani, Maxwell Food Centre

Famous Queens Briyani, butter chicken briyani

Can't say that I've noticed this stall (#01-12 Maxwell Food Centre, 1 Kadayanallur Street) previously but their butter chicken briyani intrigued me so I ordered one. It's not the same butter chicken that I'm familiar with in a couple of ways. Instead of chicken tikka, it was a fried chicken drumstick/thigh that's slathered with the butter chicken gravy. Secondly, that gravy was much more savoury and less sweet. That didn't mean that it wasn't rich though.

How was it? Not bad I would say. The rice was fragrant with spices and properly salted that it was good enough to eat on it's own. The sambal from the egg was delicious.

Famous Queens Briyani, Maxwell Food Centre

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Peanut butter, banana and Parma ham sandwich

Peanut butter, banana and Parma ham sandwich

Peanut butter, banana and Parma ham sandwich

Peanut butter, banana and Parma ham sandwich

Peanut butter, banana and Parma ham sandwich

I used the seedy Everything Butter from Fix & Fogg from the last time. Ham is from Huber's. Banana for its taste and sweetness because the latter helps with the nut butter. The lesson here was not to hold back on the prosciutto di Parma because the flavour from the banana is pretty strong. I only managed to get the aroma from the ham in some bites while for others, it was just a mild saltiness. Overall pretty tasty. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Old Village, Tanglin Halt

Old Village, Tanglin Halt

A small section of social media is abuzz lately with mentions of this stall (#01-265, 49 Tanglin Halt Road) selling what is termed as KL styled pork noodles. Said stall is run by the guy who started Old World Bakuteh. If anyone is wondering about the address, it's in the same Peking Room coffeeshop as Tanglin Halt Roti Prata & Nasi Briyani.

Old Village, mixed pork soup

The thing to eat here is their pork soup. I got the mixed pork bowl that came with minced pork, sliced pork, pork liver, pork balls and sweet intestines. Not forgetting bits of fried pork lard (猪油渣) and some vegetables. The soup was mild and it had a layer of oil on top. I don't know if lard (猪油) has been added to that soup but I couldn't taste it.

Old Village, long beans pork belly rice

One can pick a starch of noodles or rice or long bean pork belly rice to go with the soup. This was the latter. Long beans and cabbage in the rice were pretty wilted and actually pretty sparse. There's a prominent black pepper flavour but otherwise, it tasted like a salty yam rice. Deliciously salty in my opinion. Not sure if I tasted any pork belly.

Old Village, green chilli sauce

They have a green chilli sauce. It's good. Both as a dip for the morsels of pork or on the rice. Spicy, tangy and there's some sweetness.

Old Village, Tanglin Halt

Monday, September 20, 2021

Nanyuan (南園), Beo Crescent Food Centre

Nanyuan (南園) , Beo Crescent Food Centre

I usually see a queue at Nanyuan (#01-68 Beo Cresecent Food Centre, 38A Beo Crescent) whenever I'm in the area and that had gotten me intrigued. Though I'm more of a bak chor mee person than a fishball noodle one, I don't mind the latter.

Nanyuan (南園) , mee pok

Got a bowl of mee pok dry with extra Teochew dumplings (潮州饺子). I'm not sure what's the accurate name for these type of noodles as they're basically fishball noodles with minced pork. The minced pork here are placed with the ingredients in the soup instead of the bowl of noodles.

Nanyuan (南園) , mee pok

Mee pok was generic. Not impressed with their chilli sauce. Lard was borderline expiring. Nothing about the noodles (texture or otherwise) nor saucing was special so that's that. 

Nanyuan (南園) , fishballs

What I enjoyed was the bowl of ingredients though. Fishballs, fish cakes, fish dumplings and the additional Teochew dumplings I mentioned earlier. The latter looked like wanton and have pork fillings flavoured with dried sole. Similar to the ones from Xing Heng Feng Guo Tiao Tan (新恆豐粿條攤) which I think are a little nicer. 

Nanyuan (南園) , Beo Crescent Food Centre

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Spicy Chocolate Chicken from Mom's Touch

Mom's Touch, spicy chocolate chicken

What do we have here? Halloween's treats from Mom's Touch with a Freaky Chicken set? What could the spicy chocolate chicken be? I needed to find out.

Mom's Touch, spicy chocolate chicken

I had initially thought that they would ladle chocolate sauce onto the fried chicken. Instead, they dunked each piece of the fried chicken into a pot of chocolate sauce and coated them thoroughly. That chocolate sauce looked thick and rich. Could smell it before we even put our noses to the fried birds.

Mom's Touch, spicy chocolate chicken

It was too much chocolate sauce. Besides the little heat that managed to push through from the spicy fried chicken beneath, it was mostly chocolate flavour. Which was the problem. 

While it wasn't crazily sweet, the minuscule heat didn't integrate well with the thick chocolate which was overwhelming by virtue of quantity. Couldn't get any of the savoury from the fried batter. Everything got cloy pretty fast. Would have worked out better if it were some sort of spicy chilli chocolate sauce in less excessive amounts. Chocolate flavoured chicken breast takes time getting used to and I'm not getting any more used to them after today.

Mom's Touch, coleslaw

Coleslaw was thankfully not sweet and served as a reprieve from all the thick gooey chocolate.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Ivan's Porridge's bee hoon has changed

Ivan's Porridge, bee hoon

The bee hoon from Ivan's seems to have lost their magic. No more smokiness that used to mark their flavour. Not that they're bad. They're not. But for some reasons the noodles doesn't taste as good these days. I still enjoy it though. Nowadays, it's that roasted chilli that's getting me through when the bee hoon alone in the past would have.

Friday, September 17, 2021

The double boiled black chicken coconut soup from Soup Restaurant (三盅两件)

Soup Restaurant, Paragon

This was our first time eating at Soup Restaurant at Paragon (#B1-07 Paragon, 290 Orchard Road, tel : +65 6333 6228).

Soup Restaurant, double boiled black chicken coconut soup

I mentioned the black chicken coconut soup previously very briefly. Something about it being not bad. Let's do it a little more justice. The soup's clear and sweet from the juices of the coconut paired with light savoury and herbal taste from whatever else was put into it for the double boiling. Deliciously moreish if I had to superficially summarize. There's a thin layer of coconut meat which you could scrape off to eat after drinking. Maybe next time we'll try the one with black chicken and scallop.

Soup Restaurant

Didn't just get soup. There was a bunch of their other stuff - like their chicken lettuce tacos, slightly fibrous grandfatherly sweet potato leaves in sambal and an oddly sweet claypot egg tofu. Nothing we haven't had before.

Soup Restaurant, Paragon

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Kim Fa Fish Ball Minced Meat Noodle, Tiong Bahru Food Centre

Kim Fa Fish Ball Minced Meat Noodle, Tiong Bahru Food Centre

This was a little different from the usual minced meat noodle because it looked like Kim Fa (#02-32 Tiong Bahru Food Centre, 30 Seng Poh Road) is essentially a fishball noodle shop. Notice that the toppings are the standard fishball noodle stuff - not those of minced pork noodles like stewed mushrooms, pork liver and whathaveyous. And then there's also minced pork.

Not a bad bowl of fishball minced meat noodle but like the neighbouring Yuan Ji, it didn't taste particularly outstanding. I liked that the noodles were well tossed with the sauces and chilli. The toppings were decent - almost run of the mill so. The fishballs though had a nice fishy salty taste and were tender.
Kim Fa Fish Ball Minced Meat Noodle, Tiong Bahru Food Centre

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Filet of salmon from Les Bouchons

Les Bouchons, Ann Siang Road

It's been about 15 years since the first time I was here at the Ann Siang branch of Les Bouchons till today.

Les Bouchons, salad

That had also been the only time that I've actually taken a picture of their salad.  Things have changed a little. The pictures are better now. 

Les Bouchons, sauces

Grain mustard, dijon mustard, mayo and Béarnaise. Not exactly the best selection for seafood which we were having tonight.

Les Bouchons, salmon

Tried their salmon for the first time today. The passionfruit butter that accompanied it sounded intriguing. There was option for medium doneness for the fish so I was willing to give it a go. There restaurant added that since it wasn't sashimi grade fish, they wouldn't go for any doneness less than medium. Hmmm...

Les Bouchons, salmon

The kitchen came through with medium doneness. I would have loved a little more char flavouring on the surface but I am not complaining. The passionfruit butter was unfortunately little to talk about. It was neither passionfruit-y nor buttery. But thankfully the salmon held its own with just salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon.

Les Bouchons, affogato

Affogato's not bad here with their creamy vanilla ice cream and bitter espresso.

Les Bouchons, Ann Siang Road

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Mrs Pho House, why Takashimaya?

Mrs Pho House, the table and the lemongrass water

The addresses for Mrs Pho House all over point to Takashimaya. How is that? Isn't this spot (#B2-36A, 391 Orchard Road, tel : +65 9666 1357) part of Ngee Ann City instead? Anyways this new outfit by Mrs Pho unlike their other shops, serves also hotpot.

Mrs Pho House, pomelo salad

Pomelo salad looked small compared to the pictures in the menu. Yes it's pictures, not just one picture. But it's refreshingly lime-y with sweet citrus flavour from the fruit. There was some mint and a herb that tasted like laksa leaf.

Mrs Pho House, mountain style chicken skewer

Their grill section featured something known as mountain styled chicken skewers - boneless pieces of chicken dry rubbed with something and grilled. The "mountain style" in the name brought to mind earth moving doton styled jutsu; but that's just me and too much Naruto. 

Couldn't identify the spices but I'm getting something that reminded me a bit of cumin. Don't think it's cumin but I'm not sure. These skewers were moist and delicious.

Mrs Pho House, five spice butter quail

The same couldn't be said for the five spice butter quail. There was five spice for sure, couldn't taste any butter and while the meat was pretty tender, the quails were too skinny.

Mrs Pho House, stir fried tonkin jasmine

Second time ordering tonkin jasmine flowers in a Vietnamese restaurant. The last was Red Sparrow - not to be confused with anything to do with Jennifer Lawrence. Am pretty sure at this point that these are the same as cowslip creeper flowers.

Mrs Pho House, crab bisque soup base

We went with the crab bisque soup base. A breath of fresh air from all the other templated broths out there. We were offered a taste before any cooking started. I recommend the tasting because it's the most unadulterated flavour of the broth one would get before the essences of the other ingredients muddled it and before the heat separated the milk. Think crab bisque minus the creaminess. Awesome soup.

Mrs Pho House, green chilli/spicy fermented beancurd dips

The green dip on the top left is green chilli. The texture was oddly starchy. Sweet and spicy. Bottom right was spicy fermented bean curd - basically chilli oil on fermented bean curd. The latter packed a very respectable heat and flavour from the bean curd but doesn't work with hotpot ingredients which are delicate in flavour. Like the lamb shoulder which we wanted to taste and fish.

Mrs Pho House, fish

Speaking of fish, we had fish. No dip required.

Mrs Pho House, pig stomach

Pig's stomach. Something that was good with the spicy fermented beancurd dip.

Mrs Pho House, vegetables & lamb shoulder

We had vegetables and sliced lamb shoulder. Frozen meat.

Mrs Pho House, porcini

Porcini. Also frozen. The texture can be inconsistent even in a single piece. Added these into the crab bisque soup close to the end because the flavour does get into the soup and we wanted minimal additional flavours.

Mrs Pho House, into the mirror sepia