Friday, December 17, 2021

No. 1 Adam's Nasi Lemak, Adam Road Food Centre

No. 1 Adam's Nasi Lemak, adam's special

No. 1 Adam's Nasi Lemak (#01-01 Adam Road Food Centre, 2 Adam Road) was the other popular nasi lemak stall right beside their competitor Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak. I ordered the Adam's Special because of the mutton rendang that came with it.

To get my thoughts of their rice out of the way - it was delicious. I thought so. Nice coconut milk infused basmati rice that was sufficiently salted for flavour. Portions of the rice was a little small considering the amount of other ingredients they gave.

I didn't think that the other ingredients were exceptional. Mutton rendang was tender but ultimately also stringy. Wasn't bad but I would have been impressed if the meat were moist. Eggs were just that, no molten yolk for anyone to fawn over. Fried chicken wings had the hardest batter out there. Not much flavour with that batter and the chicken just tasted chicken-y. I liked that they toasted their peanuts. Not a fan of their ikan bilis. Begedil was so so and was also cold. 

So what I could establish was that both Adam's and Selera Rasa make good "fat" rice and they were served with a bunch of pedestrian dishes which were nothing I would look forward to. The question of whether is No.1 actually No.1 or No.2 the No.1; or if No.1 is No.2 is one that I cannot answer.

No. 1 Adam's Nasi Lemak, Adam Road Food Centre

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