Sunday, December 19, 2021

An Ippudo kind of rainy evening with yuzu tonkotsu ramen, small plates and shio pudding

Ippudo, yuzu tonkotsu ramen

I like Ippudo's yuzu tonkotsu ramen. Since it's on a limited run, makes sense that we get it whenever we can before we can't anymore. This one was from the shop at Tanjong Pagar outside Guoco Tower - we had some noodles, beer and small plates.

Ippudo, gyoza

Got some gyozas while at it. The mentai mayo ones were not bad because mentai mayo. I didn't dislike the spicy sui gyoza but the chilli needed more aroma and flavour. La Yu (辣油) has much more fragrance than this chilli.

Ippudo, beef tataki

Beef tataki was unexpectedly better than I remembered because we weren't impressed when we had it previously. Meat had a smoky char on the surface while chewing it brought out the beefy flavour from the fat laced slices. That and the negi, goma + ponzu.

Ippudo, shio pudding

Shio pudding. Creamy custard with salt. Tasted like a very light creamy cheesecake. Nice.

Ippudo, Tanjong Pagar

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