Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Deep fried intestines porridge (炸肠粥) from Ivan's Porridge

Ivan's Porridge, deep fried intestines porridge

I've posted the bee hoon from Ivan's Porridge once. Or twice. Maybe thrice. Or was there a fourth? Won't be talking about that anymore. This one will be about their porridge since the stall is called Ivan's Porridge. Not that we haven't had it. For some reasons, I've never talked about and they deserve mention. Their porridges are available with a variety of different ingredients.

Here's a recent bowl of 炸肠粥 with extra 肠粥 and egg. That's deep fried intestines porridge with extra deep fried intestines for those of you who didn't understand. I added extras because I thought the regular portions don't come with enough of them fried crispy bits. If savoury,  crunchy and offal-y in small bites is your kind of thing, this will be delicious in the creamy porridge richened by the egg. 

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