Thursday, December 16, 2021

BBQ Box (串烧工坊), Cheong Chin Nam Road

BBQ Box (串烧工坊), Cheong Chin Nam Road

Didn't realize that BBQ Box has an outpost along Upper Bukit Timah (22 Cheong Chin Nam Road, tel : +65 6463 2981) until a couple of months ago. There's a whole bunch of beers and stuff that I never remembered them selling. We were here for a keto-ish dinner.

BBQ Box (串烧工坊), skewers

The grilled skewers were hits and misses like the previous times I've had them. But as a whole, they weren't bad. I'd avoid the beef items the next time, the pork only had flavour on the surface and today's shishamo were skinny and stuck to the skewers.

BBQ Box (串烧工坊), mushrooms

Mushrooms were not bad though.

BBQ Box (串烧工坊), lady's fingers

Lady's fingers were pretty good. Nice light crunch and plenty of flavour from their spice powder.

BBQ Box (串烧工坊), lamb ribs

Lamb ribs weren't bad. Meat was reasonably tender and lamb-y but the crispy parts were a little hard.

BBQ Box (串烧工坊), scallops

Same thoughts as the last time I had their scallops. Nice garlicky spicy flavour from the sauce which more or less covered up any natural flavour of the shellfish. If there were any left of them that is.

BBQ Box (串烧工坊), oysters

Oysters had pretty much the same treatment as the scallops. These oysters were quite meaty, not to mention fresh tasting and firm. Pleasantly surprised by the quality.

BBQ Box (串烧工坊), eggplant meat sauce

Same garlicky spicy meat sauce for their eggplant. Hah! I didn't think anyone would have thought this was eggplant. I liked that the chilli padi added spikes of heat.

BBQ Box (串烧工坊), Cheong Chin Nam Road

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