Thursday, December 09, 2021

Nasi lemak from Queenstown Lontong

Queenstown Lontong, nasi lemak

Remember that I mentioned Queenstown Lontong doing more than just lontong? I got myself a plate of their nasi lemak this week and I liked it. Especially so in the morning when everything was just freshly cooked. Loved that their rice had a nice coconut flavour, was sufficiently salted and very moist; pairing with a sambal that had just enough heat and sweetness without being excessive for the latter. The plate came with a fried chicken wing with turmeric seasoning, a chicken nugget, a boiled egg and some crispy and fragrant ikan bilis which I also found myself enjoying with the sambal and rice. I'm usually not so big on ikan bilis.

Now I'm just waiting to find out where will they relocate after Tanglin Halt gets shut down.

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