Friday, December 10, 2021

2280 Burger, Henderson Industrial Park

2280 Burger, Henderson Industrial Park

Ken Loon of Naked Finn and BurgerLabo has a new casual-er burger joint (#01-10, 213 Henderson Rd) swathed in industrial chic. A kiosk order and self service kind of place. Why 2280? Apparently 2280 is the abattoirs’ international code for the beef neck cut which is the cut used for their patties. There's only beef burgers and fries on the menu so it looks focused.

2280 Burger, double double patty fries

These are much kinder on the wallet than BurgerLabo. There's a similar flavour profile to BurgerLabo's basic burger but I found this one to be less saucy and from that, the sweet tanginess from the pickled onions were more apparent. Meat was also obviously not as high quality as the wagyu blend. Patty, cheese, onions and their house made shio kombu mayo. Pretty much what it was. I enjoyed it. And the fries too.

2280 Burger, vanilla milkshake

There's only one flavour for milkshake. Liked that vanilla-y taste.

2280 Burger, single patty

I needed more food after a double so I got another single minus the mayo. Just so that I could taste it a little better as a cheeseburger without the distractions. This was when I finally tasted the subtle flavour of the not necessarily so subtle "beef garam" that they have been talking about. Was not able to detect that extra umami from the burgers with the shio kombu mayo. 

2280 Burger, Henderson Industrial Park

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